M A R C H 1 9 9 8
1. Hip hop hooray from the phattest beat-bustin gs this side of Kuwait. With
md, apox and the 609 posse as my dj, iCE is back again and were bound to sell.
This months pack was origionally designed to come with a small attached bag of
badges and pencils and the like, but the marketing problems would have been too
much and the idea was scrapped.
2. The guards kept everyone inside the grounds on our spacious compound in the
glorious Florida Everglade swamp. Even better, nobody needed to be fed to
Mr. Balkie - the happy, hungry, ambidextrous, and downright playful alligator
who feeds on the artists who dont run so quickly. Not a single soul left this
3. Accidentally stolling by our compounds main gate on his daily hike down
from Canada, we nabbed Mad-3d, whose 3d talents speak for themself. We were
just about to drop him into the dripping jaws of Mr. Balkie when he
mentioned that he can render a little.
4. Artist Update! We were afraid our very own Mants was lost to the world,
but were glad to report that he is in fact, still living.. and working as the
lead artist on a new upcoming Sir-Tech game entitled X-Fire, which seems to be
a 3D-isometric style game. Needless to say, we couldnt be happier for him,
and its easy to see that he hasnt lost his creative flare while in the
corporate world. Check out his pics this month! If you have any interest in
finding out more about the game.. check out
5. To those of you who were paying attention, V2, the new web site, is still
underway and in approaching completion at a feverish pace. For a quick teaser
of what can be expected, imagine being able to search for every ansi greater
than 50k that was done by multiple artists where Count Zero was one of the
artists. Then you could look at a map to see where your favorite artist lives
and travel to our message bases to take part in our virtual community.
6. iCE has dipped into another scene with its cooperative work on Retrocade,
the upcoming arcade game emulator. iCE has been working over the past few
months with some extremely talented coders to develop the ultimate arcade
gaming experience on your PC. We expect the first release to be out sometime
within a month, so stay tuned to the releases section on WWW.ICE.ORG as well as
WWW.RETROCADE.COM for more information!
7. The first batch of our ice t-shirts will soon be rolling off the conveyor
belts! Stay tuned for updates!
8. This month, the award for Artist of the MonthTM goes to... Jae! Jae has
cranked out 3 great pics this month, and has been drawing constantly since late
1993 when he first joined iCE! He has shown that his style is flexible,
doing cartoon ansis, then shaded ansis, then moving on to airbrushed vga, and
finally rendering. You have no doubt seen his art before, but stop this month
and take an extra long gander at his work - its truly amazing.
9. We hope you enjoy our pack this month! Weve put a lot of effort, sweat,
and other bodily fluids into it! Till next month, tootles!
- Slothy
Cold and Ugly Force Ten Mass Delusion