S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 0
1. Here we are, another month down, and only 67 packs left until Slothy rules
the world. Kind of a cheery thought, really.
2. This being our October release, the pack has a decidedly spooky feel to it.
Without any intentional scheming, some of the most disturbing images ever
released in an iCE Pack have been collected into one single release. We cite
Vesalius and Ian Dale as prime examples with Tetanus and Kabal 13 bringing up
the rear. When a piece such as Sprites makes you feel warm and fuzzy, you get
an idea what the rest of the pack is like!
3. The Knave is making steady progress from flash artist to author. He is a
contributing author for the book New Masters of Flash, available for pre-
order from and others.
4. The Knave also has tutorials or articles appearing in which of the following
A. The Flash 5 Bible
B. Deciphering Flash 5
C. Flash 5, Creative Web Animation
D. All of the above
If you answered D, you are correct!
5. WineCon 2000 took place this month as Friar Tuck of iCE Lore visited the
San Francisco Bay Area, laying waste to those less seasoned drinkers about him.
What they say about the clergy is true - they can drink, and they can drink!
6. Reported by someone, and were not naming names, Syntax Error is still gay.
7. A blow was dealt to the world of Internet audio this month as Etantrum has
closed their doors. When asked what led to the downfall of the songprinting
technology firm, Farmy replied, Its the damn Amish, they were awarded the
patent just before us!
8. Since this month houses a Friday the 13th, this NFO file is out of order.
Thats why in paragraph number 8, well tell you that Heat has caught back up
with the iCE bandwagon and will be riding his pony with us for quite some
time. Check out his first return piece in the pack this month.
9. And without further ado, senior staffer and birthday boy Sinned Soul would
like to congratulate Fluor for releasing an ANSI this month. The continued
dedication to the medium and the group is well received and always appreciated!
- Mass Where all the white women at? Delusion and Lord phbbbbbt! Soth
Lord Soth Mass Delusion