A P R I L 2 0 0 0
1. Welcome to another punctual iCE pack! Although this month got off to a sad
beginning, with Darkmage admitting that he removes tartar 10 better than the
leading brand, not all spirits were low. The Knave continues his path to world
domination, recently signing a contract to write a chapter for an upcoming book
on Flash.
2. I, Lord Tiberius Soth, would like to personally apologize to Tear and
Necrofiliac for leaving them off the active memberlist last month. It was not
a plot to under-appreciate our fine European members, but was actually a result
of recent brain surgery. This time they found the sponge but lost the forceps
and the serving spoon... ahh... Syntax can only do so well, hes new at this
3. We managed to catch up with Tim Wallace recently, and we learned that he is
working on the upcoming Sierra game, Homeworld. While we cant show you what
hes working on, Vesaliuss image this month sums up our feelings quite well.
4. We would like to point out that Vesalius is a doctor. Doesnt that make
you feel better now? Think about his pictures the next time you go talk to a
doctor about a serious medical condition...
5. Thanks to everyone who contributed this month. This pack turned out to be
a real treat, so we hope you enjoy it. Congrats to the ansi guys for a really
stellar pack as well.
6. Farmy would like a rest from all this CIO stuff. If anyone has some free
time, feel free to donate it to him. He really could use some.
6.5 Mass Delusion would like to add that he, too, needs more free time. A
cashiers check for at least 5 hours of free time can be sent to him. He will
gladly repay you on Wednesday for a hamburger today.
7. Also included this month are iCEs first flash releases. Hfaze put some
experiments together using Actionscripts and other little tricks. Looking for
inspiration? Start with hf-*.exe.
-Mass Can I come to your dot com party? Delusion
-Lord I cant stop listening to Esquivel! Soth
Mass Delusion Lord Soth