PiSSTRo! is vivid proof of what can happen when a joke is taken
too far. See, your brain begins to atrophy and people look at you
funny. Heres the story behind PiSSTRo!.
Daredevil and I went out in Montreal on Friday night. At some point
we got to discussing the fact that there were almost no entries for
the intro competition. Well, second prize was like 350 bucks, so we
said well code one. I forgot about it, and proceeded to drink.
After a long night, I came to the competition around 12:30pm. Necros
found me and told me that DD was already coding. So, I went down and
saw this horrendous effect in motion. We talked for a few minutes and
started drawing the two front screens, a font and a writer. We asked
Necros to code the tune, and he spent about 10-15 minutes on it.
We had NO tools to work with. I wrote a really inefficient BIN-ASM
converter, and DD wrote a screencap TSR. We had no way to get the
Autodesk Animator pics into the code! DD had a copy of the Renaissance
music player stuff, so we had THAT.. and he had the fat plumbers
butt guy that Tran drew.
btw.. Tran told DD not to tell ANYONE that hed drawn it. Oooops!
Anyway, we got it in. It looks like crap, but hey, are we concerned
about our reputations?
How to run the PiSSTRo!
PiSSTRo! uses the PMode code. So, you need a 386 to run it. It also uses
Rens music player code, so you need to run the setup program. Since its
all the happy PMode stuff, you need around 200k of high memory ems/xms
and about 100-200k of low mem. low mem shouldnt be a problem.
FUDD - Releasing stuff that no one else would ever put their name on