Whats new in
tm recently. 1.
Greetings, and salutations, and all that crap. Heres whats up.
2. First off lemme explain the new naming of the
iCEPACK. While speaking with Tempus recen
tly Staff advising by a Staff Advisor! : he brought up the
idea of naming an iCEPACK with the year first, as doing this
would keep the packs in chronological order when sorted on BBSs
. Unfortunately he did not reach me with this idea before the
first pack of the year came out, so we must start with the sec
ond of the year. As well, to keep these packs in order, the N
ovember and December packs would still be out of order if we j
ust switched the year and month. So the November iC
EPACK will be named ICE-941A.ZIP, and the December ICE941B.ZIP.
I know this sounds VERY strange but it is logical.
3. I am overjoyed to announce the return of Memphis Sna
ils, oops I mean
Tempus Thales. : Hes working his way back into the scene,
and im happy
to have him as an active well uhh sorta active : part of i
CE once
4. There are many new members to the group, and two s
tepped up from iCE
Trial. The first is Glenn Danzig, who left ACiD to become th
e iCE ANSi
Director, and to give to iCE what has been needed sought af
ter time and
time again... Representation on the west coast. An artist who is being
welcomed back into the group is Final Descendant. A superb a
rtist in ANSI, VGA, RIP, he is definitely one of the better mor
e diverse artists in
scene. Next is Dark Wolf, he is a newer artist that will def
develop with time. Bad Karma, a last minute addition to the
is an accomplished and welcome member from ACiD Productions. The first
person stepped up from iCE Trial is Magnus. Cool s
tyle, different from
other members in the group presently, which is definitely something sou
after in new artists. Last but not least is Hoaks, he was st
epped up from
iCE Trial with the completion of the ansi that is inside of t
his iCEPACK.
Id also like to take a quick second to welcome a few of the new trial
artists to iCE. Vizier, Paradigm, and FUGazi
, welcome aboard! We
eagerly await your future contributions to the group..
5. Ahh, people always changing thier handles. Well this month
three iCE
members have changed thier handles, first of all Leviathan ha
s changed
his handle to Prolog. Second is Snoop Dog who chan
ged his handle to
Mason, and lastly Special Ed who is using the pen n
ame Nitrous for his
ANSIs. Why? Dont ask me. :
6. On a sad note, Genesis has left with the majority
of the iCE Euro ANSI
section. They are leave with no hard feelings to restart thier origina
group, Corp. The only member staying is Sparr. Good luck wi
th your
group guys.
7. iCN is up running. The newest packet is included in the i
ICN004.ZIP. I encourage any all iCE boards to pick up thi
s net. To
pick it up get in contact with Xerobe on his board TASB
at 215-469-9499.
8. I would like to take this opprotunity to extend a huge thank
s to all of
the members in iCE. Nobody has left the group recently to ho
p to another
and that is something that almost no other group can claim. A group
is only as good as the loyalty of its members, well there is that
talent thing too : and we have got some of the best. Thanks guys.
9. Unfortunately, a couple of the projects that some of the cod
ers were
working on werent able to be included in the pack due to time restrain
and/or bug fixes.. These projects, a mega-intro by our Isrealian Uzi-
Wielder Ford Prefect, and a new iCE graphics viewer, which must be seen
to be believed, either will be released as a addendum file to the pack
later on next week, or held off until next month. We really didnt wan
you folks to wait any longer for all of our wonderful art.. smirk.
- Wooden Ass a.k.a. Metal Head iCE
and Syntax Error, that other iCE Lamer
Greets to: Tempus - Oh my golly, your back. Nice to see
it guy.
Quick Silver - And you too???
Kaska F. Kaska - Im sensing a trend.
Black Ire - So hows that car looking?
Force Ten - Where you be mister?!
Lord Mischief - *ahem* Ron Reagan *ahem* :
Ronin - Little surprise in the next DL eh?
Glenn Danzig - niceniceniceniceniceNICE board.
Sand - And he wanted light, so he drew some
Raistlin - I was in New Orleans, yeah! thats the ticket! :
Bane - Sucks to be you. :
Kronos - GOTHiC?? Uhh ok.
Golgotha Elminster - Havnt greet you two in a while, so what
the hell. :
Leviathan - When are ya getting on the MARC and coming back
here damnit!?
Pixel - So like the weather so far?
Inquisitor - Your a life-saver man.
RiCE-x-erobe - Soooo, how bout a CD-Rom? :
Bad Karma - Im doing fine, thanks for asking.
Dark Wish - Cow tipping up in Ohio, what fun! DiscoDan - Deer, geese, ducks on run, because hunter Hammond h
got a gun!
Devils Spawn - Never forget to take your Ridlin!