J U N E 2 0 0 1
1. Another month, another pack. We hope you guys enjoy this one. We put a lot
of love into this pack, just for you. If youre a fan of the USA or Canada,
happy Independence Day to you! If you hate either one, you can take this
time to think of all the reasons you hate them.
2. Welcome TonchyZ to the group! TonchyZ joins us from Croatia, and has been
absolutely churning out tiles. TonchyZ is a fantastic artist, and he
thinks fish and tin foil are neat.
3. Slothy is still covered in grout after what is now known as the tiles
incident and is limping slowly across the usa to find slashdots servers.
In lieu of his broken crusade, weve decided to release some art to attract
him home. To those who tried to get to our site on July 2nd, were sorry :
4. Root88 was promoted to Advisor this month, joining Spot. At the crowded
hearings before he was voted in, Root answered all of the questions honestly
and candidly, even the ones about jellyfish in his pants. He was applauded,
and he thanked everyone afterwards with a joyful trip to Chuck E Cheezes.
5. iCE is continuing to try and make the world a better place. This time, we
are trying to help find a cure for cancer. iCE has donated over 3 months
worth of processor time to the THINK project. Go to for more
info. You can even join the iCE team to help our stats out!
6. iCE is preparing for our big iCE Con this summer at an undisclosed
location. Around 10-15 iCE members will be getting together for a weekend
of fun, laughs, and other nouns. They will also be verbing each other with
giant nouns, which may be painful, but the memories and photos will last
Drinking with our pinkies in the air,
Slothy, Mass Delusion, Spot and Root88
Lord Soth Mass Delusion