M A R C H 2 0 0 2
1. Big news this month! Slothy made his big film debut this month in Ice Age.
He plays himself in the movie, but he used a stage name for the production.
We have tried to talk to him to ask about the experience, but he tells us
that he doesnt have time for his fans anymore, and that hes hoping to star
in his own movie next.
2. We have an extra special tutorial this month from our very own Greater Evil.
The tutorial this month is on How to make really awesome graphics.
Definitely a must-read!
3. Our featured artist this month is everybodys favorite Croatian, TonchyZ. As
well as having some great pics from him, we have an interview with His
Tonchiness. Check it out or Mr. T will kill you.
4. We have to welcome our new member! Wed proud to welcome Trollboy to the
hallowed halls of iCE. Aside from drawing phalluses, Mark also enjoys doing
things that make him happy and not contracting deadly diseases. His name
also never Cindy. You might recognize his art this month as being the only
one to contain a shlong.
4a. Yonadaan, who joined last month, finally went nuts and submitted a mess of
art this month! Since you didnt get to enjoy his amazing talents last
month, I figured Id give him a proper greet and make sure everyone notices
one of our new members. Plus I owe him for losing a bet over who was the
better badminton player.
5. Our sincere apologies for our server woes earlier this month. We were
forced to change our network provider rather suddenly, which caused 24 hours
of downtime while we switched all our DNS records to the new IP. We hope
not to have to do that again.
6. We have another quilt this month. This time its our Digital Graffiti
quilt that nokturnal started. It turned out to be pretty cool stuff, so I
suspect were going to have to do another one soon!
7. Oh, and mad pr0ps to Trip for doing EVEN MORE ansi! Wh00p!
8. Just a note about Slothy here. It was his birthday on the 30th and he made
a special birthday wish before blowing out the candles at his big birthday
party there was a clown, pony rides, and even songs that everyong sang
along with!. So on April 9th, please go to work with no pants on, to honor
his birthday wish.
Hoping youll appear in a movie too,
Slothy and Root88
Lord Soth Root88