news.this.month by hype ss
news.this.month by hype ss
hey whats up, welcome to the premier of hype. An ansi/askii group
representing 4i6/9o5 areas and beyond. Maybe people wonder why did we
choose the name hype? well its simple.. thats all we could think of
but seriously we thought that this would express our try emotions and
we hope that hype will please all artists no matter what your skill.
Free Fall the president has a very interesting background. Starting
out in image as Desperado he contributed greatly and was by far the best
artist in that local group. Trident who is a senior, never really was
in any art groups earlier. He just recently started to take the scene
seriously and ads a neat touch to our ansi division. Axiom who is the
other senior and heads up the ascii division is currently an ascii
artist for plain and were happy to have this IRCing plainsta with us.
stuff 2 know:
From some people we have received criticism Not another new group!
well we cant really help that because thats what we are. But to them we
would just like to say please keep it to yourself and itll make it alot
easier for us. We plan next month to support a minor VGA division. This
month we decided not to just due to the fact the pack would be too big
and no one would download it. Our plans are to release everymonth no
matter what conditions and Free Fall said to me no matter what he will keep
this group alive.
Well most of this is going to be some repetition but here we go.
Free Fall is our loyal president, Trident is our senior hypist and Axiom
heads our ascii division and is also a senior. This months list is very
short due to the fact this is a new group and also because 1 of our rules
is that we never pressure or ask people to join. We prefer if they come to
us. We picked up other members such as Access Denied and Silent Stalker.
Access isnt participating this month because he is in the VGA field and
we havent heard from Silent Stalker since Late May.
New Members: 4 Free Fall, Trident, Axiom, Silent Stalker
Total Members: 4
Members exiting: 0 N/A
Special Thanks:
Go to The 4th Disciple of Dark and watOr of plain. 4thds was kind enough
to do a joint with Free Fall. Besides doing a joint with him he aslo gave
us a few tips on how such could improve such as gettin ideas and how
the artwork piece should shape. More thanks go wO for helping us on how
to shade toons and for his artwork contribution to our world headquarters
alien.encounters. Thanx guys...
This pack was a 100 Canadian hype production
Were not running for the border, eh?