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Hey, guys, its an anniversary pack, probably thats why its that huge :
Somehow we managed to stay drawing for two years, bringing you a spoonful of
art every month. And instead of giving ourselves a medal, we give you this
pack number twenty four. Treat it well.
This time we greet a seasoned veteran who has joined our ranks: Remission.
And guests, which include Tomppa1, Grim, MadASScow, ikarus and a scene
debutante - Songom. Thanks to Atom for her appearance.
machine wash warm with like colours
.... only non chlorine bleach when needed
tumble dry medium .
. Do not iron if decorated
Made out of 100 percent synthetic fibers
The above was made by migrant hirez artists in sweatshops equiped with
God among Lice:
Old Man
Heres another original style from me. I could do 10 of these in a day now
that I know the process, so if you dont like my direction, you can feel
safe knowing that Ill probably abandon it tomorrow. Then again maybe Ill
explore promising new avenues in this style as a result of my own laziness
like any serious artist would do.
Zoom in 200 for full effect. For FULL FULL effect, contact me for a
higher quality original in tif or even the original .psd if you want, THEN
zoom in 200. : I grow tired of jpegs inexactness, but these would be
pretty huge files at 0 compression.
Oh, and if you see me on irc, yell at me for not having a web page.
First of all Id like to express my respect for what you guys and gals
in hrg are trying to do with your art. Ive rarely seen such a homogenic
group of such a high quality. Second the piece is in a series where I try
to create a feeling of an isolated film clip where you only get a glimpse
of a wider context. At least thats my ambition. Greetz also, to all the
people who really respects their talents!
hello, this months guest is something different im trying
laying my usual photo manipulation over a more 3 dimensional
background. in this case, its a pile of polaroids. normal
photomanipulations are sort of flat, nothing really pops out
at you. on each of my polaroids is a different manipulation.
they dont really share any common theme, but are showing
different styles ive been experimenting with. so theyre
more an exhibition of my art. i also have some changes in
the polaroids themselves, with some of the borders having
the photomanipulation seeping into our out of them. this
is meant to represent the way I usually take a element
of one piece, and base a new piece on that particular
element. this piece was inspired by a work that a
graphic designer of named Saul Bass did for the movie Exodus,
directed by Otto Preminger. photos used in the manipulations
are a combination of stock photography and photography
that I have taken myself. enjoy
Finally, the main work of this month is finished:
Solve the best online quest of the world.
Ive began a new project. All the month I draw one big ascii piece which
includes all that I live through during the month, and so it represents
a single picture of thoughts/flashbacks/dreams caught unawares. A guided
flight of the machine through me. If you see it only once, you will learn
This month I scored 23. I became even more torn apart from inside.
greets: my light, first suffering, bonse, cubeblue, hrg...
hmmmm....elite. drugs are power, the keyword, use dont abuse...
Strange Nightmares:
- all photos done by me, and the models are me.
- the face is me...
- Original by atom, he scanned the motiv in the center
its a broken lightbulb, retouched by me...
- Original by me...retouched by atom. elite.
Ok, thats some comments about the images im involved in.
Shouts goto Atom! Shere! Sprocket!! damn site genious!:
Thermal trinity, all in photoshop and hirez, and the remaining
ppl in Dark Illustrated...may we all live peacefully and in
harmony, hrmmm...bull... hehe, out.
w: www.trueart.com e: massive@trueart.com
This is a joint between madASScow and I. This picture represents an
experiment of color and texture. The meaning is up to the viewer, as
it is with all pieces of art.
Remember to d/l my solo when/if it is ever released.
thomas: A picture that has been kicking around on my hard drive since I
got photoshop. It started as a picture of a chicken-killing factory and a
man locked up in solitary. confinement. Note the sinister stare of horror-
Okay. This month I got my own house, new shoes and a girl worth loving.
I finish my portfolio and go for a job Ive been dreaming of. I made
a joint with tomppa1, a couple of www sites and my main project,
www.hrgforce.org, is almost complete.
I quit smoking, and Ill be 22 in a week.
temperature and dynamics of all the 3 layers:
his, theirs and the background
inhale the scent sending shivers down your spine..
tribute to artscene98
6 hours of fast work
- -18C joint with yoyo
we have drawn it together on my old wacom!
hey, i can draw freehand too.. :
- BOHEMIAN joint with atom
shining, sparks, frost and dirt..
- UKKO joint with tomppa1
damn, I nearly went mad...
greets: all my guests, hirez, yoyo, grim, tomppa1, incognito
ikarus, atom, darkhalo, ffathom, hazar, diti, gotta hurry up,
people on the channel wait for the pack.. forgive me if I forgot someone.
be my guest at http://www.hrgforce.org/bzzz
be my friend at spro@usa.net
hooraaay - Ive been given a tablet! :
my manner didnt seem to suffer from it much, but the institute session
didnt deny me to finish almost all I wanted to do... and I hope that now
the lack of ability to express myself will limit me less...
Koziava: where do the lost things go?.. I think theres another world
where all the people lose is stored.. dried goo transforms into mysterious
creatures.. and the doll didnt come alive yet...
thanks to the animator who happened to inspire me :
Walk: and it is not at all scary if its good as that a present for my
Hunt: the eggs of the goatbirdfish are very valuable, so the hunter
never relax
Splat with atom: what can you see in the ink spots?..
they transform, too, nothing stays forever..
-18C with Sprocket: a gloomy yard, an empty room, a warm cat on the
shoulder... and a real lot of air...
great thanks to: Spro for all, and a bit more..., Shere I hope youll
never have to show me this kind of mistakes again.. :
diti, tEr, atom, all who helped me this month with their opinions,
co-operation and critics you made me thoughtful, my dreams and the crow
outside my window...
..touch. 24
packed by Shere Khan and sprocket