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oh are we tired.. heritage exhibition. our child..
a week and a half of running, organizing, guests, talks,
scotch tape and ropes. there werent enough time even for sleep,
but we still managed to compose the pack, and thanks to all who
participated in it, especially guests, you helped a lot.
get ready for a full report about the exhibition..
we welcome a new member, massive, the mighty collage master.
and the guest list this time is a real pleasure to present. tomppa1 and
jason of ACiD, incognit0 and ikarus of CIA. Thank you guys, you rule.
. atom
analog- featuring original photos, got a scanner :
story - photos from an illustration book.. line work mine..
thanks to xray for teaching me the textured lines
shere - you can correct my spelling :
. darkhalo
sorry i couldnt come up with anything good this month,
ive been distracted by video games, school, irc and such
. god among lice
My picture Lash Larue is a continuation of a style/method that I began
to explore with the Levi Dedi tribute in the last pack. Im intrigued
by this idea of mixing the rectangular pieces that abstractly make up
the larger picture inspired by ANSI and the pixel with the more subtle
gradations that give a reality to things since they normally can only be
approximated by the bitmap image. My gradations are only tricks of the
eye, just like any other bitmap image, but by putting them within the
context of the rectangular components, they begin to seem more real.
With this style, you can begin to imagine a picture made up of many
blocks that have true gradations on them, that come together to make a
larger whole. Such pictures dont really exist, and one couldnt see
them on the computer screen, but by suggesting how they might appear
through this technological artifice, one can at least picture them in
the mind.
The picture is saved as highest quality jpeg so that you can zoom in
and still see the gradations within the blocks the way theyre supposed
to be, so take advantage of that and you might get more out of the pic.
My focus on the face and the idea of breaking the image up into many
small blocks that create a whole is inspired by the artwork of Chuck
Close. I think the face is the perfect subject for this because we as
humans are excellent at recognizing them. It allows the artist a high
level of abstraction, with the comfort of knowing that the viewer will
easily recognize the subject.
. incognito
Art, in my own humble opinion, is the conveying of emotions brought on by
surrounding influences that reflects personal feelings. Its the
perfect medium to display the inner/outer workings of ones
self-representation. So... to display this idealism Ive submitted two of
the three pieces from a series Ive been working on called Broken.
Two of the pieces are in the HRG pack the other is in the last CIA pack
58. These pieces tackle two opposing arguments Ive seemed to get into
lately. The first being that some people believe computer art cannot be
fine art, and the second being that you cannot truly represent painting
an image with oils on canvas from scratch using a computer. Well, Im
glad to say both are false, and The Scenes Hirez artist are living
breathing examples of raw creativity being molded to push the very
limits of what can be done with computers. So in closing thanks to all
the artist out there who are doing things that people tell them cant be
done. And big thanks to ShereKhan for allowing me the chance to submit
some work under HRG.
. ironLung
this exhibition made me lose a couple kilos, damn it.. nevertheless I
got hold of the digitizer in the end, and managed to create an image that
had been living in me for a long time.. after all this monkey business it
was kinda reassuring to apply paint to a fox skull that had been
presented to me.
tEr, thanks for your being around, Ill grow a mushroom for ya!
Spro, I hate you bastard, fuck you. please know it..
. massive
hmmm....i dunno, writing is weird, i hate this! hehe.
if you can keep your head when all about you
is loosing theirs and blaming it on you,
if you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
but make allowance for their doubting too
then youll be massive! werd.
i guess ill shout out to diff ppl now, atom, trin, pb, shere
and everyone in hrg and dark, keep it up! oh, and big
up to you for reading this....it must be hard
now, print out this nfo file, and smoke it
. shere khan
I dont deserve space in this info, coz my submission
is a 30-min sketch : then again, its the first thing
you see. greets go to spro whos made something out of it,
and to you, as always. oh, and to my love, of course :
. sprocket
ehheh.. drawing is easy for me..
i think my mind is a vector based piece too..
well, some people said my verdure picture in the 21 was good,
so u might think im repeating this theme in this pack using
kinda same technics, but dont blame me, please..
all this stuff was drawn specially for our exhibition
in November, but only verdure pic was placed in the pack
as 2121spro.jpg .. i wanted to leave some ubnreleased pieces
for the exhibition as a surprise...
i was really inspired by some serious thoughts, people and books
this month.. alone, Give our hearts back! and painhauz
pics are about me.. about my life in the last months..
I gotta write thanks to:
- yoyo, for making me more serious with my artworks and
drawing process in general..
- Shere, thanks for the criticism, too...
- Atom, Lice and Bonse - you guys are amazing.
Thanks for the inspiration pump youre giving me...
- tEr, Lung, Kirulka - how i love to hate you...
- all guests in this pack, for supporting our motion..
greetz: all the people above.., hrg, hirez, liongv, grim, knave..
heritage attendance... harm readers...
. yoyo
this month was like mountains for me... as they cant be called a
plain, it cant be described in one word... a lot of time was eaten by
studies and heritage, so I didnt manage to get done what I wanted to
be done as always, on other hand.
this time xara dominates photoshop spro, you infested me : its my
studies and experiments again..
talk: I couldnt resist from drawing another couple of twisted
humans... everything inside, nothing more.. old man: all thats mine is
with me.. they say goats milk is very disgusting.. and the horns are
home for bugs... everyone needs a home, right? :
I want to thank the heritage organizers, the ones who helped to support
it, who found the time to visit.. some came across something new for
themselves.. if its so, we didnt work in vain :
it was very interesting and pleasing to see the works alive... hold
them... its an extraordinary event :
thank everyone who influenced my mood this month. thank shere hes the
man whose opinion and critics will always be important for me, and
spro for his lessons and attempts to teach me to finish the works Ive
started :