.*S made for some guy on irc.
, * .y ll i like the randomness in this font.
.y .* .*yl j j*.
y .Sl.QQQQl .,ySQQ*. .*S:
y l QQQQQ: .*..lbyS*, ll ag/hrg
: .**m j.y :,y : y.
: **ny,. :.CS,,: : yy.
ggyy. *.*,..,*S l l : l.
:. :: m*S *,., Q :*m :l:
*S l yyyyl : lb. : l ::
ll .,*,: ll :*y l *, l::
ljyyn** .k,Q,. : .*
. .**nn**k
welcome to sony.shatter.net l
this was originally bw, i colored it for the pack
also, the guy got me to remove the background from
the black and white one, which completely butchered
it, but he liked it better that way, oh well, he
traded me shells for it, no complaints..