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,y, ? ,d,,,, ,d, ,dQQb,
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?y+,, ?b,?,b, , ,yQ
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We regained lotsa power. We werent in decline, but relaxed a bit lately...
Well now its Sept 1st, time to go to school again. So we study. And you -
you can learn some things from us. We hope.
Greetings to new guys... and GIRLS! : weve got to0f here, and YoYo shes
the abovementioned gal. Powerful addition, eh? At least since now our parties
wont look like gay gatherings : then again, no gay can drink so much vodka.
And guests - feel yourself comfortable. The best guest in the world, Tomppa1 -
when do you plan to actually VISIT us in person, you finnish mollusk? :
And Zcho, but, heh, hes a guest from another HRg division, youll never
Now for the partici-pants and partici-skirts themselves :
ahh... FALL. where everything falls off the trees or something, right?? Well,
besides the fact my birthday falls in the fall november 20th it pretty much is
a shitty season. Why, you ask? well, SCHOOL. Which severely limits my computer
usage, hence i hafta slow down, which results in unstable nuclei or something.
Sooooooooooo. shitzle. I might actually not have something in future packs for
once ive yet to miss a deadline, in dark or hrg... arghhhhhhhh. um, whats
left to say. uhhh... ok... download hrg music :... Dark Illustrated should have
a new pack out by the time you see it, so leech it :... greets to lotek, hrg,
dark, hirez, refract, sfraves.... Fuck photoshop, you suck at tetrinet :
uhh, oh yeah. us-elements is a joint between me and lion-gv ACiD, lotek, done
while i visited him in Columbus... at-swrdpn is trying something new, i like the
end result : anyway. uh. lets see.... hrmph. oh. yeah. begin self pimping
mode .x http://kaoz.org/atom x. end self pimp mode acK. oh! specific gr
eets! hirez- skrubly, remission, lice, tath, nstalkie, ffathom, jNa, inc0, bd,
and more... dark- asoap, boh, velk, lumi WHERES MY FONT!, oxygene, leslie,
ray, massive, infoe and the rest... hrg- jager, bzzz, shere, ln, bonse,
ter, cps, dioxide, jettah, zyz et all :.... 614- grover, omot, jen, phriend,
caz, para, and eeeeeeveryone else :... photoshop- you all suck : hehehehe.
refract- noble, illumitie, omN, info again :, junglist, sk or whatever your
nick is.... sfraves- cybrflash, toof, czefir, desi, navysatan, drift, damn i
know im forgetting people, GREETS TO ALL YAZ... oh!
Special greetz to groVette!
Wanted to tell what was there in my head when I created this one pic,
what did I put into it and what did I see in it... but like hell I will.
If you look at it and see something, something interesting for yourself.
pS: I hope the work released in this pack is the last one done by me
in this style. all these b/w rounds and squares and cunning thingies
have got me sick and tired. 31.08.98
ppS: seems like I was wrong. 1.09.98
Im back!
otium man
I just wanna say hi to the people who requested me in their groups.Hi. Here
ya see tha reason why i didnt want to join bros .
The 26st ill start goin to tha university, ill have a busy life then ya
know .. therere parties every day .. and believe me .. it is already
bUsy ... no stress ..
btw all .. send me money .. and tricks how to seduice nice girlz
otium man greetz ya dont fear me . ph34R hrg
Thanks a lot to all who supported me, who believed in me.
Especially Shere Khan, for his objective critics. If it wasnt for him, my
works wouldnt be in this pack.
Sheres comment: oh yeah, I just wouldnt include them, and voila :
Experiencing this world was not pure observation, there was a tint of
sensual impression.