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Ehheh.. We are fucking late again.. Sick and tired of bitching and
accusing each other.. A new pack is always a piece of happiness. short but
clean and sincere.. Weather and mood changes were a good material for our
new co-operative work. Now we greet our new artist - its the incredible
Atom hey, y/g.. :, who was our 16th creations guest and were hosting
to0f this time, greets man. Were still alive and will keep this state of
affairs for as long as possible, which is very long. I hope.
The curtains up.
.. , , .. H p -..
H - p. , p.. p
p p p
p.. p -
Atom , y/g.. :, p
16- p, toof, p.
p , ..
p hrg-16, pyp
p ,
p p. ...
, ! y y :
p p - p p py py. y p
p - p p kaoz.org/atom
p ,
p py. .
i enjoyed guesting in hrg16 so much, i thought id do it on a regular basis
and id have to become a member. So i did...
and BOY am i SORRY! but no turning back now :
first pic is my first ever released freehand... be kind
first is the intro to my new webpage kaoz.org/atom
and second has a retarded quote, dont remind me
all my greetz are on the freehand. so go read them
Oh fuck.. I work 9 to 10 hours a day, shave my head once a week, draw and
drink non-stop... In the new town Im currently residing in, theres a huge
lot of things to inspire me. The air, the sky, the architecture - all this
enters me and eats me from inside. My intestines are still on sight, help
yourself and research..
greets to: hrg brothers i miss ya all, catbones, alt.art.hirez readerz
and my fucking www design requesters i need yer dirty money.
.. p 9-10 , p p , p
p... p, p
, . , , pp -
p , p p. p ,
p p
i just finished my exams , so i had more time to draw some asciis
so i did
- p, p
p - , , y
py, pp, pp,
p .
-y, , - y...
we are numbers, losing our self-identity
finding yourself dead is the realization of what society is pulling you
towards as our children grow, they are but ghosts, but they are bursting,
ready to begin the rebirth of humanity.
IMHO i wish something like this would happen...
greetz: Shere, at0m, klax, solarpunk, mreh, repeater, remission, daatje, and all the
other bitches i didnt mention.
To hell with this pic, do I have to explain it after Ive wasted this much
nerves on it? : Look with your eyes, and let your brain think whatever it
prefers to think.
Ah yes, the pic is made especially for Jekyll, the sonuvabitch whose soul
Im yet to get! :
Greets go to the rest of HRg especially music division: bamaz, stop
omitting me in YOUR greets : - and you, personally. Cheap trick, I know.
y , y py, p p,
? : p , y y ,
, p y , yy p
yy! :
Hello out there... Terrible heat got even the keyboard sweating...
Only the thunderstorm that came yesterday slightly normalized my melted
brain. This time theres not as many works as the last, and theyve been
finished in a bit of a hurry, so pardon me if your monitor is too bright.
I dint have time to cxheck if these works are any good at anything
different from my hell-dark radioactive TV...
all you needa know about this pic is written inside.
the new hrg viewer is coming, and this pic is only a little memo...
pleaze SCROLL it down in 800x600 mode. do not resize!!!
this month I tried to do some research in minimalism and typogfx.
not a great success in my opinion, but then again, something is there.
ps: this colly is done in a wild hurry.. sorry again.
800x3000+pixels x 64 colors!!!
tiny3d: sorry about the e-mag...
what else is there to say... the font looks kinda neat.
Mu-choo: I know you dont like my part of the joint very much.
pity. myself, I find it rather nice.
dedicated to our new musician - Snork from St.Peter...
just a last minute addition
was rooting thru my archive, found this www site matrix..
I guess it has a couple of good ideas in it
Greetz: see greets inside the works..
+ additional and special greetz go to mongi.
thanks for yer reviews...
... thank you for looking, thank you for reading..
p ... p p...
p p p p
p . p p , p,
p ,
p p p. p,
p p - p, p
p p...
, , p.
hrg viwer p, - ...
p pp 800x600. p!!!
ps: .. p .
800x3000+ x 64 !!!
tiny3d: , ...
... p p .
Mu-choo: , p, .
- p p - ...
p y py www-..
, p p
Greetz: yp p..
+ p mongi.
... , p, , ..