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A year.. The year! It was awfully long and deadly short in the same time.
We remember all the way from pixel to pixel, from pic to pic and
from pack to pack. Every month we are making this job we couldnt imagine
our existance without.. So much was experienced and so much to experience
yet.. Year ago we entered this road and wont ever turn back.. Phear..
But damn it, so few people.. so few talented people.. and we need them
The only thing we dont suffer from absence of, is an inspiration.. Its
almost year now since we are molden into one thing - we and inspiration..
But lets bugger all the damned problems - its a very happy day. Ill
toast a glass of vodka for all who supported us during this year,
for all who send their feedback. And for all these bastards, thanx to which,
our teeth are now much sharper..
Share our celebration.
Thank you, all.
ironLung // ironlung@psynet.net
Its damn cool to see the progress of our Art Department.
Its like yer own child is growing and youre noticing
that, he is becoming intelligent, healthy and strong.
The year has passed .. Weve got some very interesting
artists in our team and now our packs look really great.
We will increase the quality and techical skill more and more,
but the most important feature could be noticed ryte now.
Its specialization. Every one of us covers its own
field of computer art. Look at the works of every member
individually and you will understand what I mean.
We reveal for you one thing - the power of ART by
drawing various ones: Long ascii smashes and colored ansi shit.
Complex 3D scenes and primitive forms. Sweet logos and ugly
mechanical engines. Crazy pixels and odlschool dust...
They all are the doors to our heads. Our opened trepanated
Sprocket // spro@usa.net