He-he.. Rotten bones of ancient people ..
Pack number six made by sicks. For sick dudes ofcoz!
We hope U enjoy this one and it makes U nauseous.
U really stink girl, but I love U .. c Mucky Pup
Shere Khan: The most lazy vga artist ...
Well guys, thats a little pic done especially
for IronLung whose fine worx U can see here
too. Its him situated in the middle of it, if
U didnt understand : I suppose 2 make a series
of this kinda pix 4 other HRg members, but dont
U remind me of it, or Ill never really do so :
ironLung : the most breathless ascii artist ...
Sweet dreams are made of these shitty asciis..
National motives R heavily used this time in a
couple o worx, go figure em out The sadistic
approach 2 the human body imaging will persist
later on, I swear.
Come 2 Papa, come na Shishka!
Greets go 2: AXB, Noize, Dieznik
Sprocket : vga student ..
Wope.. New tekniques, new inspirations..
I feel myself progressing.
But Im afraid next pack will be w/o my
contribution, coz I will be deadly busy
making gfx for HRG home page and
our future mega-demo..
Thanx to all who are watching our
packs REGULARLY.. U, guys, are those
whom we are making all of this for..
Greetz: Tier, nixus, UnderTaker, terrorGFX ..
PhL! : d-signer of diz nfo
i quit
Droopy : non-stop acidsplashbacks
My headache kills me ..
I hope U felt it in my works.
Time to visit dR.Shizer, he-he..
Have a nice day..
all shit drawn by PhL!
12309843536 cp HellRaiser group 1997