HT Member List for October
Founder: Bishop
Senior Member List
Bishop PRES Magnus PRES Shadow King VP
Mandoris VP Crazy Horse RT QuRaN CRD
Magnus Bishop FiRE/VGA
CraZy HorSE
Shadow King iCE Breaker/VGA
Azarius Mercury
Special Thanx Go Out To Whiplash...
Corwin of the Amber Head
Crossbow Stormbringer
WHQ: Legion of Doom
CHQ: Vanishing Point
EHQ: Total Chaos
Member Boards
Cyberdyne Systems 216
Fatal Destiny 313
The Imperial Throne 313
Amber 914
Distribution Sites
Castle of illusion 214
Thunderdome 2 214
Dimension Hatross II 216
System Crash 216
The Fringes 216
Wetworks 313
Whispers of Death 313
The Fortress 405
Afternoon Delite 417
PsychoNet 514
Bodily Harm 609
The Black Gate 714
Well Id like to thank all of you for supporting HT and I would
like your help in supporting are net. Leave us mail on any of are
sites and make sure you fill out the application!