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/hazmat!/ascii / , / / /
/pack /number /two / /
the cia ascii division on the loose
i ntro
holy shit, its pack 2.. and well say the same when we hit 3
and 4.. hazmat ascii will continue on until cia itself dies
and so far that doesnt look like its going to happen so
learn to live with us.
me m bers
hazmat ascii is: dark entity, jack phlash
rippa, dj lethal, gwydian
caster, dorm, the director
guests this month: dezibel of mimic
deviant of mimic
grymmjack of the blade nation
only one person joins the hazmat team this month and thats gwydian
who also joined the ansi division.. she also runs the art group
aspire which is probably the most successful local group today.
this month we say goodbye to the following members
markgoh / hes been with us for close to a year now and has always
put out kick ass work. good luck with your tour and band
dude.. hope to see you with us again...
meatpod / he left just before the release of the last pack and i
heard from some people that his ascii wasnt to be released
sorry about that....
if you want to join hazmat you can either talk to me de or
jack phlash phlash on efnet in cia. you can email us at
de@kracked.com or jp@xtn.net