gravity o6/96 news file by gravity
gravity o6/96 news file by gravity
ansi by clorox cowboy
gravity productions news file for o6/96
the month seems to go by fasterand faster every time we release a pack.this month was no exception. for the second monthin a row, i, clorox cowboy,have been entrusted to write the official news file. and AGAIN this month, i find that I havenothing of value to say.
as youve probably guessed, weve been kinda slow in releasing this pack..
the problem came when i lost my i-net acct, and couldnt effectively
communicate with my fellow gravity members.. at the time of me writing this
i have yet to get in touch with pitt or shatters my co-seniors but i figured
the pack was big enough to release, and if there WAS any more work to put in,
it can be included next month. now on with the news..
i guess I should start out with whats new with gravity. as some of you might have noticed, unlike last months pack, this one is just a tad smaller.
we decidedthat having 8ooK of music was alittle too much forpeople to take,
especially when they are downloading our pack to see some art. so in order to
change that, weve decided to reduce the numberof songs that we include in
our pack. perhaps well come out with a gravity music disc someday..
among the changes weve made to this pack concerns quality control. we have decided to increase our quality control standards.. so you should
see some more quality work in this pack... we want to continuously out-do
ourselves in every pack, and unfortunately last month we kind of faltered..
this month we hope that we can redeem ourselves.
we have also started a group logo colly this month. this way we can
quality control the logos as well as save some space. we have also
converted the file extentions of our files to .GVT instead of the
generic .ANS ... there was not really much rational to this, we just
felt like doing it for some reason.
this month was very un-eventful for us here at gravity... we didnt
lose any members, nor did we gain any. so I guessthats a good thing..
i guess thats about it.. i wish I could end with something real witty, but thats just not me... we hope you enjoy the art in this pack, and hope that
you continuedto follow the exploits of our littlegroup.