The Gothic Revival - Febuary 1994 edition
Loyalty, Trust, and Friendship shall guide us.
The Gothic Revival is a monthly release of ALL the attained Gothic artwork for
the respective month. Free of censorship quality control and other undesirable
elements, the Revival is a true representation of our art.
1. New arrivals to the group this month include Kronos, Quick Silver, Genocide,
Capn Cruch, Basehead, Wonder Monkey, Dark Vision, Scimitar Wraith, Crimson
Shroud, Drak Angel, and in trial: Killer and Blade
2. We have a new director by the name of Pnakotic, he will be taking care of
western Canada.
3. We would like to congradulate a few members on their fine work which they
have dedicated themselves to this month. First and Foremost Sinned Soul. He
has proven to be very usefull and resourcefull in the past and constantly
proves his loyalty to the group. Soul Blazer is next in line, what can I say
cept hes one helluvan artist. The entire coding division especially Skull-
Leader and Capn Crunch for their hard work this month.
4. We have a new viewer and a helluva viewer it is, be sure to check it out!
5. Genocide has done us some high quality rips which adds to the diversity of
the group, be sure to check em out.
6. The Immortal is busy working away at a large project so we wont be seeing
a whole lot from him in the next little while.
7. Thanx to all the members for their hard work this month.
Greets n Shit
Quasar - Hay man, sorry about that...
Sharp - sup?
Eternal Darkness - Hi Kevin.
Lord God Xerobe - Its commin... Its Commin
STiLE - Where ALL GUNNA DiE!!!!
Technical Disrupter - Hay Hay Hay
Raider -