The Gothic Revival - January 1994 edition
Loyalty, Trust, and Friendship shall guide us.
The Gothic Revival is a monthly release of ALL the attained Gothic artwork for
the respective month. Free of censorship quality control and other undesirable
elements, the Revival is a true representation of our art.
1. First off we would like to point out that several BBSs have mysteriously
become what we call Phantom sites. In other words are lying through their
teeth. If a BBS is not in the member list, it is NOT a site. To apply for a
Gothic Site contact Golgotha, Elminster or STiLE in Canada or Kinayda in the
2. We would like to announce a newcomer by the name of Visionary. He will be
heading the telecom division for Gothic. This means better communication
between artists etc..
3. Also new to the group we have quite a few Ansi artists, all of high quality.
They are Forbidden Image, straight from iCE Guile and Sushi-X from ACiD
and a newcomer by the name of Soul Blazer. We have started a music
division and our first victim is Time Lord. Hopefully we can rack up a few
more there. Courier wise, our situation has improved greatly. Quadzilla,
Shinobi and Tranquility join the Gothic crew so now we should be a little
more organized. The Immortal joins up as a coder, and Visionary our head
of Telecommunications increases the size of our Telecomm. Division by 300.
Welcome to Death Knight, Factory and Vengeance.
4. Gothic is in dire need of skilled coders. If you would like to become a coder
contact Kinayda in the U.S. and Elminster in Canada.
5. Couriering problems of the past will be cleared up shortly, very shortly.
a In addition to our own couriers MALiCE couriering will be moving the pack
around as well. Thanks Guys
6. Now as things are beginning to come together and we are becoming more and
more operable you should begin to see many more Gothic articles. Note that all
former requests for articles have been taken into account and will be met. The
following magazines will recieve if they choose serious submissions.
-Infinity Diskmag
Sorry for the delays... If a magazine desires a Gothic submission contact
7. Also, a special thanks goes out to Aada for his amazing Vga. No, Aada is
not in Gothic, it is just a little gift from our guest Vga artist.
Greets n Shit in no specific order
Aada - Thanks for the Vga
Aphex Twin - Yoddle-A-E-Maaaaxxxxx!
Metal Head - We still love you Ben
Raistlin Majere - Honest, youll get a better article... no really...
Sonoma - Call sometime eh?
Visionary - Welcome aboard man
The Retard - Have fun in Taiwan. The channels may not be scrambled there.
Eternal Darkness - Hi, umm is Kevin Home?
Stranger - Holy Fuck! Excellent Job man.
T.E.S - No, Lon is shoveling the snow...
Dr. Tongue - Fragile??!?!?
Hate Breeder - OK there you got a fucking greet.
Sushi-X - Hey man.
Dreadnaught - Call us man.
Sharp - Sup dude?
Shihear Kallizad - Wed Say Tribe sucks, but your not competing. j/k :
iCE -
To those who we forgot... again, oh well :
Golgotha Elminster Gothic Senior