logo colly, pt. 2 by moe money
logo colly, pt. 2 by moe money
moe money
yyssyyssyysyyssyysyyssyy yyssyyssyysyyssyysyyssyysyyssyysyy yy s
logo colly,
pt. 2
S S S yyS
------+ mm-coa2.asc +-----------------------------------------------------------
yyssyysyyssyysyyssyysyy yyssssyyssyy
:: yy yy ::
: yy :
i S* S* S i
! ,yy, ,yy, !
**, , l 1 l 1 *, ,*
i i
yyssyysyyssyyssyysyys yyssyysyyssyy
:::: yyss ssyy ::::
,* S * ys mm!
----------------+ aunt jemima +-------------------------------------------------ha, and you thought that id whip up a fully 100 original header for this bad
ass colly? in your dreams, cowboy. i think that this ascii opened me back up tomy creative processes, and i can, like, DRAW now. cool.
---------+ mm-color.asc +-------------------------------------------------------
yyyyyssyyyyyyyyyyssyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyssyyyyyyyyyyssyyyyy
yyyyy yyyyy mm
l ll ll ll ll l
., SyyS SyyS SyyS SyyS S ,,,,yyy,
yyy,,, yyy yyy yyy,,,l k? lSS
Ssssyyy y,...,y c0lor S
S SSS SSS SSS l sh0ck?!
------------------+ emilio estevezs hair grease +------------------------------well, even if all of these dividers are unoriginal, they beat the living hell
out of cut here. and so what if i cant draw a k? and so what if the c
looks like a t? its art. so just look at the pretty pictures and shut the
fuck up.
---------+ mm-trank.asc +-------------------------------------------------------
:: :: ssssyyyy yyyysssss yyyysssss ssss ssss :: ::
:::::: yyyys yyyyy yyyy yyyy yyyy ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
:: yyyy ::
:: Sy Sy Sy ::
-------------+ macaulay culkin smoking crack +----------------------------------guess what, folks? im not IN trank! i was never in trank. i just made this
trank ascii, call it an ode to trank, a group that was pretty cool when they hadunsane and actually RELEASED. trank rules.
----+ mm-sos.asc +--------------------------------------------------------------
,yy, ,yy, ,yy, ,yy,
yyyyyyyyssssss SSSSSSSS
ESSSS ,E SSSS ,, yyyyyyyy ,SSSS ,
,y op: poseidon ,yy,,yy, cODN/BNd mem. ,y
ssyyyyy co: violator pri-vate.
yyyyy . . y,,y .
,y ,y
--+ richard simmons +-----------------------------------------------------------the last one, guys! thanks for anyone who actually looked at this whole thing.
if you didnt read the text, you really should, its kinda funny, especially theleet dividers. welps, if you feel the need to email me, feel free to do so. impretty stupid about requests: i pretty much do em for free, but if you want in-surance that youll get it, offer something in return like money, etc
moe money x mmoney@starnetinc.com