Grip News Letter by SR / TNP
Grip News Letter by SR / TNP
- Graphic Re
volution In Progress -
- 04/95 News
Letter -
now here it is: the grip numero
2, the april release, breakin in your monitor with
out even knockin at your screen uh!?... after th
e surprising reaction held by the general scene about our
1st pack i DID was surprised!,
i think that some artists took a bit of a break, and
, according to me, jumped into too many groups
to be constant in their work yea im a lazy guy..
... neways, to quote that leet, good-
lookinguy, nuff said. okay, now i have
a good, and bad news. so, as i plan to write
down both of them in this news letter thats why they
re there for, i guess, ill strategi
cally begin by the sad one, and then,
to lighten our hearts, and bring back the sun in our shadowy
minds whoa, youll hear from that good news i told you about
. go.
tnp, oh prowler of the mighty and dark night, why are hds
cra- shing so often, especially when we dont want the
m to? snif theorically, we would have had
a couple more art pieces if this
had not happened. next time, buy something go
od, man..
alright so the bad news werent too big after all, i must admit
the hard drive was guaranteed and all, so there
s no need for
crying... but lets move on to the important
things, the marrow
in the groups backbone, the new members.
theres been a couple of new guys, but i wont list them all. i
somehow managed to lose the member list i ha
d, and i cant remem- ber them all boy, hard
drives are against us, for sure.. .
our ascii division i think we
can call it that way has been
reinforced this month with airborn coming in. as time will fly,
hell have many many occasions to
work on it and improve, so i
think hes some sort of promising rookie. fS
finally, mr.doodle, who released a vga in the last pack, is
another good vga maker, who will certainly draw lotsa
vgas for
our next pack gotcha ../
welp, thats all i have to say for now, so i think all
you have
to do now is load the viewer, and enjoy...