Alcatraz / Fear / Escape by Serial Killers
Alcatraz / Fear / Escape by Serial Killers
Fuck John Gotti and his mobb, we are the infamous Serial Killers ...
Cthulu, Ironghost, The Green Hornet, watOr
mist cia / rile dark echo
sargon aaaaaahhhhh!
Thats right... Im going to tell you a little story.We were all incarcerated - locked away without a key.The Joker, Lex Luthor, Sean Connery and me.Tucked away inside the safest place the penal system hasthe floating island fortress of impressive ALCATRAZ.Now, tonight, like every other night, I had a shifty plan -to conquer right the planet - making servants of all man.This would not be a problem, but my dreams and fancies paledwith the grim reality that I was stuck inside a jail!My brainless henchman Pinky was released out on parole -no doubt taking the opportunity to drink a few and smoke a bowl.So it was up to me alone to get my freedom and my chanceto crush the human race like it was just a hill of ants!In the corner of the chamber, where the windows leaked in rain,I collected heavy water that spilled out over the drain.I kept it in a bucket that Id made of stolen spoonsand the water level rose over a span of many moons.Now I knew my friend The Joker, in the cell right next to me,had a very small amount of deuterium-233.It apparently was smuggled in a package that was fakeas the centre of his mothers homemade choco-carrot cake.If we brought our toys together, we could really make a boomand wed crawl to our escape out the hole that was our room.Wed die of cancer, granted, given ten or twenty yearsbut the world would be our oyster - and everyone would PHEAR us! beware!
- da j0xor
So the mouse, he said to me, So, are you pondering... Ho, ho!
I tapped my pale forehead and said to him, Lets go!
And I laughed my merry laugh, and I grinned my trademark grin,
and I took the water bucket, and I dropped my metal in and I tightly shut my eyes, and I quickly plugged my ears... and then there was a great big flash, that followed by our cheers. We stumbled, slow but urgently, out of the mound of rubble that had been our holding place because wed gotten into trouble. And we turned around and looked right back, in dark before the dawn, and saw with great success the entire cell block was gone!
There was no one left to be worried or to call the alarm!
We could go on our way without causing any more harm!
Swimming across the bay towards San Franciscos water,the situation grew more tense it got a little hotter.
Theyd found our ruse - they knew wed fled - the search teams scurried out
but we were long long gone - we were splashing right about
seven miles out to sea - they would never find us now.Then they sent their helecopters out, to spot us in the nightbut we thought that our puny shapes were safely out of sight.Unfortunately, our great ESCAPE wasnt quite a walk in the park -because of our escaping plan, we glowed bright in the dark!They picked us from the water and they sent us back to prison -
this time in lead-lined cells, to prevent our evil fission.
I guess well have to try again tomorrow night!
wI lay before you life and death / a blessing and a curse / choose life / hchoose life / so that you may live
--- da endx0r ---