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How we got started:
Well me, incesticide wanted to make a group. So he called up Stryker Sysop
of Cybervillage and said: Im starting a group. You wanna be the WHQ? He
said yes. Then a had to go eat dinner G Then i called him back and we talkedabout names. Eventually we came up with GeL, and then we started to talk about
how we are going to get into art. First off i knew we had to advertise. Since
HVi went down, we thought that HiGHER ViSiONS would be a decent place to start.
I made two ansis. One telling people that i am starting a group, and the other
telling about the members, which was just me and stryker and the WHQ.
Then Chicken signed up and that was the major starting point in the group.
Then Xenophobe signed up. I knew that he would be a good member because
he is a major group in the 627 number area. Then possibly the most decent
thing happened. Rebel signed up. Even before i took him into the group, he
made a VGA application maker. I was totally impressed with him so i took him inright away. Then I thought that we needed an ansi viewer. So I thought who
could make one. Then I thought about my friend ionic deviant so i gave him
a call. I asked if he would be a main programmer in Gel because he is amazing
at it. So he accepted and then I asked him how hard it would be to make an ansiviewer. He saoid it would be relativly easy so I put him on the job. Then whenit was done i was happy. G
Thats all at the moment G
Now the members and their info.
INCESTICIDE -+ Talented in ascii, making renegade mods and HTML, he started
the group off.
STRYKER -+ A good aspect in the group, he is the temporary WHQ and is
the webmaster for the official GeL website.
CHICKEN -+ Wicked in ascii and programming, he made lots of asciis and
made a gel info program with out me asking him to g
XENOPHOBE -+ Currently working on the Gel Website, the second one he
will be a good help for Strkyer in the HTML department.
REBEL -+ Supreme in programming, he made the VGA gel application maker.
This guy is valuable.
IONIC DEVIANT -+ Unbieleiveable in programming, he made Gel view to view the
amazing ansis we make G
TEMP WHQ: -+ Cybervillage 905 573-0084
DISTRO: -+ HiGHER ViSiONS 905 388-8751
DaRK FoRCeS 905 627-4645
WEBSITES: -+ * http://www.freenet.hamilton.on.ca/ab814/gel.htm
--------------------------------We are accepting apps and samples now so if you want to apply use the
GELAPP.EXE program to do so.
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