gas pack #2 info/news by gas seniors
gas pack #2 info/news by gas seniors
n e w s
new stuff well all i can say is what a wonderful and
wacky month gas has undergone. after the
success of our first pack we thought we
wouldnt let you down so we made this pack
twice as good. this is tribal typing this
shit and the rest of this shit.
members well for the past 2 months gas has been
building up its team and has had an over-
flow of members. 28 new members have crawled
into gas to help us kick some serious
buttocks. i dont think it would be smart
naming all the members, thats what our
g a s member list is for.. gas is always looking for new members and distros so if you are at
all interested in that then email tribal at and expect a reply within 24
hours at least. other member news is that
webba has been promoted to senior position
because of his extensive help with the group. homepage the gas homepage has been up for a while now
and has been completely redone in tie with
the releasal of this pack. it will be updated frequently from now on so check it out for
a look at what we offer. the address is for all you url jumpin
other well thats about all the news for this month, make sure you check out our homepage, and it
wont be long before gas 3 makes it way to a bbs near you. later all! tribal/gas founder