iniquity wfc by cyntax
iniquity wfc by cyntax
iniquity bbs ccopyright 1998, ::: idt ::: version x.xx beta xx xx/xx/xx
iniq cxforce
f1 local logon calls 666 uls 666
f2 exit iniquity new users 666 dls 666 f3 jump to dos posts 666 ul kb 666 f4 init modem email 666 dl kb 666
f5 hangup modem
f6 offhook modem AT INIQROQS
f7 answer modem FUNKY f8 terminal mode
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4, com5 09:30pm
- well here is the last thing that i will release as ansi i fear. unfortunately the bbs scene is not what it used to. it has given me much enjoyment for years but now it is time to move on.
- some people might try and keep it alive. good luck to you all. and i mean that but i seriously think that it is a dying animal. i hope there can be another medium that we coould attach ourselves to, so far it all seems like we are in limbo. sure there is irc, nntp, vga and all that, its not that same though. telnet boards are a great idea, BUT not on modem connections, id rather poke myself in the eye with a blunt pencil waiting for the gorgeously drawn ansis.
- well time to move one. a huge thanks goes out to the WHOLE scene.
- it was fun while it lasted.