Who Killed Mr Burns by Demonic Tutor
Who Killed Mr Burns by Demonic Tutor
I did this a
nsi cause i lo
ved the episode
Who killed Mr.
This isnt the
greatest thing
especially the F
ONT it really
sux oh wel
oh yeh if
i havent alre
ady said it THE
MAN! U might
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these done by
me soon c
ause i really
love these guy
s... okily dokil
y dewds!
DeMoNiC TuToR !
P.S. stay tuned
for more who kil
led Mr. Burns ANSis
done by me
P.P.S. We all know who did it but if u dont the clues will
come up in every
issue of the Who killed Mr.Burns that is if i do anym
ore if u like it tell
me and ill do more!
First clue to the Who killed Mr.Burns mystery!
Burns on sundial
1.note that when burns fell on the town sundial his arms pointed
to the letter
sS andW. However from burns point of view the lette
rs were upside down and
looked like the letters S and M. This suggests Burns may hav
e been trying
to convey information about thhe attackers initials. Note also
that it was
3PM at the time of the shooting. If we interpret Burns arms as
clock hands
the bent shorter arm being the hour hand then to get the cor
rect time of 3P
Mone would have to view the sundial upside- down again g
iving the initials of S
and M.
more next time ... REMEBER S.M.!