FLiP#30 Information by Multiple
FLiP#30 Information by Multiple
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, , Release 30 ,d b,,db
The haps: , March 1997 ,J .,,,,,. ,PY,dP
You squeeze our eggs and ,P jPdbYb,b,,d
well squeeze yours! , j7 Q +-+b
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Hey all, hope your spring is starting to look as sunny as j
can be. This is my third Spring over at FLiP Productions, and Qb ,b
Im pleased with how everything has changed in the past few years. +-+
And Im especially surprised at how much has changed in the last month. +,
First of all, Id like to welcome a new coder, Moose904. Hopefully +,
we will see some of his future projects very soon. Also, ,-+
Id like to welcome back the talented artists b, ,P
Arsenik604 and C2503 formerly Terrakomm, Solar -++q, Qp,
Seven, and Touchtone. Arsenik has taken the much needed Qb Qb +,
position of art coordinator. Speaking of coordinators, we are +,,+
still in a transitionary period between their involvement of putting
together. ...still looking for a coodinator for the courier department
So coordinators, be patient, and we will soon get into gear on how things
will be done in the departments. Of course if you have any suggestions
on what should be done, feel free to e-mail me.
Redcoat+65 coder/reversified is now working on the new FLiP publication
which is the Reversified e-mag. Currently, if you wish to help out with
the emag, be sure to e-mail him.
Surge!313 is the FLiP Clan Team Captain and has officially registered
the FLiP Clan with Clan Ring. The FLiP Clan Webpage is also up but under
construction. It is in need of more grafx. If you are interested in
trying out for the team or wish additional info for a scrimmage, please
be sure to e-mail him.
Special thanks to Faust904 artist/communications coordinator for
implementing the FLiP members mailing list and the flip channel on efnet.
Communication between the members has increased tremendously because of his
help and theyve also added a greater sense of unity within the dedicated
group members.
Of course, this added benefit didnt come without its consequences. This
past month a couple of former first time FLiP ever KICKED anyone out FLiP
members who shall remain nameless at this point tried to draw FLiP into a
little scuffle with another art group... testing the limits of FLiPs
intolerance of becoming involved with the immature group politics that FLiP
was created to avoid. Needless to say, it is necessary to revisit the roots
of FLiP Productions... In June 1994, FLiP was founded by Kid Terrific on the
premise that... the main reason we created our multimedia artwork was for fun
as well as spread our creativity to a larger audience. At the time, many
art groups were being burdened with elite and Im-better-than-you
attitudes. FLiP choose to avoid all of that and returned to the true roots
of multimedia art. Years later, the scene has changed tremendously, and
though the remnants of older attitudes lingers on, the FLiP ethic remains
the core of our group.
Anyhow... a slow but action packed month.g So we encourage all flip
members to get hooked up with the flipmailing list and drop by the flip
channel when you get a chance. As always, flip is looking for new talent
and ideas... join the team today!
Thatll be it for this month. Enjoy the pack.
Dinugz FLiP Senior Catastrophe FLiP Senior
criscokid@hotmail.com catastrophe@hotmail.com
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  • date
  • 1997-03-31
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