FLiP Member Profile by Buffalo
FLiP Member Profile by Buffalo
Name: Buffalo dont ask how I got this
Age: 16
School: St. Xavier High School, Louisville, Ky this school kicks ass
Hobbies and Interests: computers, my bbs, and aviation no, i dont fly,
but hopefully will in the near future. Ive
also taken a new interest in web page design.
Other stuff: Ill just add a couple other things that will probably mean
nothing to youg. I was born in Chicago, Illinois, in the
suburbs. I play tennis and golf, but Im not good enough
to play for St. X.
What sux: The new KY law that wont let me drive until 6 months after my
B-day. Bill Gates is an evil, evil man, along with his damn
company, Microsoft!
BTW: Call my board, ICE, at 502-245-0977. FLiP Member BBS I am a proud
FLiP Courier and a ScorchNet node.