Flatline 09/95 Info by Administration
Flatline 09/95 Info by Administration
flatline september nineteen ninety-five update
u p d a t e
shit, three motha fuckn words this month, its all good.
the flatline saga continues wit anotha mad month, continuen our
tradition of realness. this month we have accomplished our goal,
perhaps even exceeding it, by producing a mucho grando amount of
quality artwork.
69 : sup son.
Tek: damn son, we be rippin up shit in the 95, people wanna fuck
with us, they get that ass paralyzed.
69 : it aint hard to tell yo. you know, its all good this
month. this is my last time, im hangin this shit up if
this shit dont work here.
Tek: this is the pot of gold right here, this is the glory. We
gonna grow like a plant son.
69 : no question kid, we form like voltron and break out like
smallpox. Oh yeah... it aint over mother fuckers.
m e m b e r s
hell yeah, we got our share this month. first this month
we give a standing applaud to snake grunger for not only contri-
buting quality art, but also a quality artist. snake grungers
friend, soul assassin, has joined us from SAD. He has created
a new standard of quality for flatline as well as a full fledge
competition with other groups. we are most honored to have him
as a new member of the clan. next up, omicron of Trank joins to
bless our fontless rips with his smooth-esque fonts. hes defin-
ately the gzagenius when it comes to that. then outta nowhere,
boom, xanax of CIA joined after he proved to have great talent
in rip as well as ansi. next, phoenix of CIA joins us after
demonstrating his ability in the Dive mini-series. he uses his
original style and experience to brand his name into the new era
of art. Next, swivel, formerly spawn of ice, has decided to re-
enter the scene. Inspired by the theme of our group, he applies
to flatline, and we are excited to have him. In our hometown...
virginia, yet another artist has joined. Coincidently, he was
not only one of our inspirations in the beginning, but also a
highly respected member of Union. claymore aka cybernary is
quite a talented artist and he joins us to shine upon our ansi
department. more recently, mirabilia join us from CIA he has
earned quite a reputation for his unique style. he is one of the
few artists ive met in the scene who reflects the true
definition of dedication. and the big news of the month, our
mentor, visigothaka schizosynth of ACiD, has finally become
a part of what he has created. through the evolution of flat-
line, visigoth has provided us with his unmeasurable wisdom.
thus, we are most grateful. Also, one of teks iCE bros, surreal
logic, showed interest in flatline after his first attempt at
rip. He proves to be a prodigy in this artform, and we hope to
see more of his rips in the months to come. Most recently, one
of the pioneer rip artists in the scene, azrael of ACiD, has
accepted his invitation to flatline. His long awaited arrival
has saturated us with happiness... were tired, dont
complain if this doesnt make any sense. One of 69s arch-
enemies, bedlam of ACiD, has now joined flatline under a
hypnosis spell. Possessed by flatlines mad stylez, bedlam
decided to share his talent with us. last but not least,
Devastator of CIA joins as the web-coordinator. more info
will be provided in the flatline mini-mag, artifacts next
flatlines administration will take the responsibility to
apologize for last months error in spelling snake grungers
name. there was an act of carelessness when writing the member-
listing and sauces with his name. we feel that it is necessary
to address this mistake we will be more conscious in the future
to prevent these mistakes.
among all that has happened this month, we are happy to
present ever more good news! digital apocalypse has returned
from serving the US in the Navy to instead serve flatline. just
when you thought it was over, boom, he comes back outta nowhere
and its all good. he has returned with all sorts of new mad
coding styles and will be working on future phat projects for
p r o j e c t s
we got all sorts of mad shit happenin wit flatline. you know
all sorts of mad projects gon on. one of our original projects
which we started in the beginning is nearly completed - our bomb
ass rip comics and viewer. Icepick has completed coding the rip-
viewer for us, and patiently awaits for malebolgia to finish the
vga interface. we predict the viewer will be released sometime
within the next 2 or 3 months. as for the comics, we have sever-
al under construction. malebolgia, tek, and method man are
currently putting finishing touches on the tempest story-line.
also innervision is working on a rip comic project of his own -
an anime style comic. more information about the rip-comics,
authors, and artists, articles will be available in next months
premiere issue of Artifacts and once again, flatlines gunna
buss ya wit some more phat shit. we have a huge project which
seems to be one of the most awesome thangs we got gon on yet.
flatline plans to release a mini-mag! unlike all those other
E-mags tryn ta shine their shit by bouncen and flectn their
bull, were gunna do some other phat shit. the mini-mag will be
composed of: articals and incite about rap - interviews with
azrael, visigoth, and the legendary redman - tips on rip and vga
- entertainment - and all dat. also were going to have a
section in the mag for people who want to advertise their
artwork and fees. we have several other ideas and articals
in the mag but youre gunna havta check it ta see how awesome it
really is. once again, we have the luxury and honor of the clone
to code this project. so if youre interested in donating art,
writing articals, or some-thing call lokis error 804-272-0975
and e-mail the flatline administration. not to mention, if you
have any applications to flatline, send it to us on lokis as
like alotta other groups out there, we are constructing a new
web page for flatline, thanks to devastator. though it is not
completely finished, you can still see, located at :
http://www.naples.net/nfn01809/flatline/ or
flatlines latest news and artwork will be displayed there as
well as flatlines profile.
keep it real...