logo colly 0996 by The Emperor
logo colly 0996 by The Emperor
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the emperors collie
dust to dust, dawn to dawn - as i am passanger 108, i board the
plane, walking slowly, causualy, not noticing any of da others,
i take my seat, as i turn my head slightly, i catch a glimpse ...
I found out later, her name was jen - as the eight hour plane ride
came to a close, and the wheels created contact with the ground,
we found that we had so much in common, and yet so differnt ...
different in things that we want to do in life - what to do, is
she the one, that constanly ran throught my head, is she the one
that will have my kids, is she the one that i am going to spend
the rest of my life with - i pOndered that idea for quite a while,
not knowing, not realising, we where the last 2 on the plane, a
wattress comes up, slightly taps both of us on the shoulder, and
asks if we can both depart - glady we said sure, not one problem
- and as we both go our seprat ways, not knowing one minute into
out futures, was if it fate that brought us togher, a higher being
- we will never know, but if its fate, then we will see each other
again, in some strange and unique circumstances ... - peace
i just want to great all my boyz in fIRE.
ggggg, gggg
,ggggg ggggg, ggg ggg , sggg ,ggg, sggg gggg, s s
- name of logo - for?! - status of trade
1 abraxas -everlast- acid waiting for a dunes
old school ascii
2 the broom of chaotic prisoner mop trade, and wating for
hatred something for the dunes
3 color shock exulted fire he is my boy in fire,
its free, but if he wants
he can do a dunes logo :
4 the gas chamber point blank fire complete, point blank did
the sillent killer fire an empire ascii ...
5 shadow haven shadow caster free, for a local board in my area code ...
6 the dunes me deep trank/acid for the telnet board that
is going up ...
a r a ,g,
a , emp.
,aa b ,g, a a g.yggssss ag,gaa g,a hsssggy yggssss.yggssss aa,
, , a aa,,, s . , , , g s , , aaa, , , ,aa
aaaa aaa aaa the emperor * fire // abraxas // mr sysop -everlast- // s
a ,g,
- to that guy that things he is good at old school or soemthing g :
- abraxas ------------------------------------------------------------------
g ,gd, aam
aa ggggaa gg,
g, aaa ,
gagb, ,gggg
gg P,g
4s gggg , g
Yd ks4s ,
sYsd s4s
broom of hatred / emag the emperor // fire
- broom of hatred ----------------------------------------------------------
G gs, G
color shock!?
ggg gs, for my boy in fire gs,Sgs,
gs,S S extulted!@*
use for a light bar!?
PSa -- -- g
,g4 the emperor // fire Sg g
ggg G G G G
g G
sggggg s,g
S sgs,
, gs,S
S gg
- color shock --------------------------------------------------------------
the , .,
, aa,
,aa,,, ,
, g
, aaag, ,g ,
gasgas ags gassSgSggggggggsaaS,,aa s s gassgas gas gasgasga ggg, ggg, sysops the silent killer
point blank
the emperor fire
the gas chamber
- the gas chamber ----------------------------------------------------------
PSa the emperor // a fire production shadow haven
ggg G GS@a
, G G
sggggg,g g G
S g ggg
G gS
in the sha- nnaa
dows we see,, Sgggg g
a figure. ,Sgs,
searching, learpring, pOn- Snnaa
dering, and wating ... Sggggs
wating to join the others, the , s S
others of shadows, the shadow of
others, the others of shadows, in the shadow haven ... - emp
- shadow haven--------------------------------------------------------------
sssssss sss the dunes ggggg, g yyyyyy - 1OO ascii based art board g, ,gSg,.gg lgg, ,ggg - the emperor fire gggg - deep trank / acid g - anarchist acid gg - lord of pain not disclosed h g - acid / fire member board s gggs - the tRANK global distrubtion siteggg ggg g g ,g - this board carries art packs and g l dg gg g emags / zines ssd gs the emperor // fire g,. . .
t h e ...
- the dunes ----------------------------------------------------------------
ggggg, ggggg, ,ggggg ggggggg ggggg, gggggggg ggggg, gg ,ggggg ggg gggsss gggg, sss gggggggg
- yo, well that was my 2nd collie for fire, i must admit .. i think that I
am getting better. but if you would like to do a trade with me .. then you
can either reach me at some of the boards that i frequenly call, and drop
me some email, or you can email me at thEmperor@juno.com .. but for now, i
dont want to do any freebies .. just trades .. like logos for logos,
- if we did a trade or something, or we talked over irc, and you dont see
your logo in here, its becuase i havent had time, i have had some personl
problems with my girlfriend, so anwyas .. if you ever want to do a trade,
you can also reach me on irc as thEMPEROR, i am usualy in ansi .. -peace
- greats ..
- deep, anarchist, pinguino, tsk, pointblank, lord jazz, sodium, skatter, pchan pRIME i am going to kill you mutherfucker, when we race my truck vs. your
car, whodini, watOr, hOlocaust, betrayer, risu, outkast, exulted, omi,
epoxy, x77x, ... and anyone else that i forgot about, and all my boys in fire and in san diego ..
- and i have to great my biggest great/important great .. jen, i will always
love you, no matter what happens ..
- peace to you all, and to all a good night
- also, be ready for the biggest board yet to hit, ... the dunes its going to
be a bad ass telnet board, stricly ascii only ...
the emperor / fire
eof / 347 lines