P r o d u c t i o n s 1 9 9 5
N e w s l e t t e r , J u n e
his month was terribly busy for us he
re at FiDELiS, and, once again, we
had some trouble getting the pack out right on time. But, we f
igured wed go with the 4th of July thing and sa
y that, this month and ever other, FiDELiS
IS The Bomb! As I said before, June was busy for u
s, with sites coming and going, artists coming and g
oing, and just about everything coming and going at one time or
another. On the artist front, we lost long-time contributorUnforgi
ven : and he will be missed. However, on the brighter side, we gain
ed anew artist named Out Kast, whos art appears in this months pa
ck. The rest ofda FiDELiS crew is still around, and pro
ducing as you can see from our pack.
n the site side of things, we finally got pretty much
everything worked out with our sites--we cle
aned house on our site list, taking out a LOT of
sites that just werent there anymore, and we found some
gr00vy new ones! For a complete listing of wh
os left and whos new, check out Fi-SiTES.NFO
in the pack. Worth mentioning individually are our new United
States HQ, Marvel Presents, and our new Southern HQ, Poisoned I
deaz. Welcome to thesetwo and all the other new sites this month! I
f your boards still interested inbeing a site for us, were definat
ely still looking, so just call our World HQ,
CyberPHck, at 813399-2162 and use Login:FiDELiS, Password:
FiDELiS, or just
apply leave why youre calling in the mail theres no NUP.
umping to a more unfortunate note for a second, weve go
tta appologize for trying to get the viewer in l
ast month -- the coder we got to do it, put in
the code, unbeknownst to us and reportedly to him
kode resebling that of a whisper virus. We are v
ery sorry for this, and did 1 release a revised pack
last month without this viewer, and 2 are not planing on includi
ng anything from this joker in any future shit we release. It see
ms to not do much harm
as far as we can see, but we are sorry for any inconvenience it causes, a
nd can
assure you this pack has been carfully checked for shit like that.
ell, weve got a ton of great art this month, if you lik
e what you see and want some for yoursel
f, just call our WHQ and request some and well get
it goin for you. One more reqest for all yo
u folks out there... Were in
desparate need of a good coder or two, to
get us a viewer, a application geneator, any
thing worthwhile. If youre one of these wanna join us, you k
now the drill: call the WHQ, login, and get some mail to me about who
youare and what you do.
hanx a bunch for viewing, and the August pack should be
out much closer to on time : If we can do anyt
hing for ya, or ya need any info or whatever on
FiDELiS, just call our WHQ drop me a line actually I k
eep dropping that
info because Im lonely wanna here from someone,
and besides that, Ill
let you go and enjoy the art shyt now...
Peace out remember - FiDELiS - da bomb in 95
Satan Clas Da FiDELiS Crew