the face tutorial!
this is a little pic i drew for SDs Huma this mon
th of the hulk as McFarlanedrew him the actual
face was ripped from the cover of hulk 345
when drawing a face or any drawing theres jus
t a couple steps in making it
look half way descent, you arent gonna learn them in
this tutorial because i
suck but i can tell you you have to keep it shaded
according to the light sourceand you have
to keep it proportioned .. dont m
ake the eyes to big or to far apart
.. i always start with the line above the eyes ca
use its the center of the face and connects to alot
of the features , nose ,brow,and eye from there
ill expand on it ...in the 1st figure i sho
w this line , the 2nd adds the
eyes just below the eyeline
from there expand to all the other areas .. the nose f
orhead mouth until you
have the whole area of the face youre set out to dood
le .. the 3rd figure is
my finished unshaded face ..
once you have this you can begin to shade in my case i
m drawing in dark gray
and gray .. im trying to stay away from white though
i decided that when i was
half way done with this shading and i had to change it
all, thats another thing
when im drawing a pic i always save 1st as hulk.ans t
hen hulk.001 then .002 andso on i got to 004 on this p
ic , i didnt save it much and spent twice as much
time as i could have changing things mistakes .. if yo
u save in sequence you canreturn to one rather than sp
ending time changing things ..
the next figure 4 is where i start shading i made the
light source in the frontleft of his face , though i
didnt want to show to much color intensity in
this since hes dark gray ..
so i have this dark circle surrounding the light.. kin
da old school i dont
usually shade like that but i dont care .. notice i p
ut a white spot under his nose, wtf is wrong with me i
t looks like a little kid whos been out in the fallwe
ather and needs his nose wiped off i had to fix that
.. under the nose
should be shaded darker a bit .. cause its protruding
and makes a mini shadow
i really dont remember what i was thinking , it was l
ike 4:00 am and i havent
gone to bed yet,its noon now .. whoa.. figure 5
shows where i kept going on thedark grey and st
arted drawing an intense cyan on the left .. i changed
that too cause it looked like crap ..
in the 6th i finish the grays and add the cy
an to the right keeping it behind
the jawline as if to bring in an intense light source
from his rear/right side
oh yeah and i coloured the eyes ..
in figure 7 i add the finishing touches , sh
aded his teeth and converted the
block HULK font on the comic to HUMA sorta
.. i beat the font up a little tooadded it to the t
op and this little ansi can be used for something neat
figure 7 is the finished ansi ..
as long as you shade it right the ugliest p
iece of ansi crap can look half way
descent .. i hope this helps you any questions/request
s email me on Huma
or at
draw for angry alice