pack #3 colly by dirtbag
pack #3 colly by dirtbag
ansis made by dirtbag
text written by phonkie
becoz db cant write! d i r t b a g
we have you, we own you ... you own art, you have xpo3
WHAT ?!!?!? NOT that stupid rode draad
alike shit again??! WHAHHAHAHAAH yeah suffer
SR rules .. so why not give the rode draad
a nice little friend and make another clone of the nice looking invention of skullrazor!
-signed, db
for: myself
xperience +o : dirt bag / gloomy
remote : phonkie / x-it
just plain ART! +31053-43218041
expose whq / explizit whq / more !
...... het leven is geen krentebol
? 0 5 3 - 4 3 2 8 0 4 1
het leven is geen krentebol,
maar wel een appelvlaai opgewarmd
in de microwave! yupz, tsooJ...
that was the most ruling vlaai
i have ever eaten!
for: sonic
energy 52
n a m e :
p a s s w o r d :
whoaarh, whos that chick?
damn, theres a kink in de
cable...beep beep...
for: silence
this is a portrait of dbs
bro de gloeikast-gloomy!
as a matter of fact, db is
giving him 10.000 volts at
this very moment as you can
see, whahahaha!
for: maverick
lights, visuals, decoration,
art and love: db at his best!
and that very expose pack...
gets boring after a while
for: futere maniac
t h e . f u t u r e . t e a m
that sun above is just
marvellous, i want my
own sun in my bedroom too.
and i want cah. help.
for: sonic
for: disco mania
db m a n i a
whats this for stupid bull?!
i have never seen a bear smoking,
do you? i think this bear is just
deebee dressed up for some kinky
party. yeah! that must be it...
or could it be dbs father?
for: myself
for: myself
e x p o s e - l i t
db xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
hey, he looks like my teddy
bruintje de beer! hey db, did
you took that along at your
last visit or something?!
for: compile
A A A M Be r r r
n a m e
p a s s
for: jay
m u s i c
i almost forgot, credz
to dest for talking bout
those copic markers. fly
stuff, especially in a store
where you can rack em easy
for: detonatic
p h u t o n i c
for: jay
muziek station 538!
nu op de cable: 103 fm
for: myself
A: 12345678.123 12345678.123
B: 12345678.123 12345678.123
C: 12345678.123 12345678.123
D: 12345678.123 12345678.123
.. 12345678.123 12345678.123
DIRECTORY 1 12345678.123 12345678.123
DIRECTORY 2 12345678.123 12345678.123
DIRECTORY 3 12345678.123 12345678.123
12345678.123 12345678.123 12345678.123
f1 - AUTo
dirt bag
xdraw will definately kick
aciddraws butt! ive tried
it and it just rocks! the
graphix are awesome, it smells
nice, and has a feeling too...
for: myself
e X p o s e
expose draw v1.0 .. coded by alien-a / total illusion .. ansis by dirtbag
expose draw was based on aciddraw v1.2
...i did have a few
drinks though...
for: 2 stoned
p u b l i c h a n g i n g
hehehehe, have you heard
it already? deebee is very
pregnant! yess, im not
talking shit here!
...hahaha he wish he was...
for: sonicwave
: divideby
sukking main menu for
divide by zero
opped by sonicwave/expose
e n d e k o e k i s n o g l a n g n i e t o p
t H e
when does the hurting stop?!
1 9 9 7