Well its that time again,
time for ETERNiTY feed all you ansi fanatics yet another dos
e cyber-art splendor. Ok, so whats happened this month? I th
ought youd never ask. Basicly to put it simple ETERNiTY is
kicking some major ass! This month has been great! Talk abou
t interest, it seems ETERNiTY has gained alot. We are now being
noticed as one of the top groups in the scene today. Id say that
s not bad for two packs with three artists each: Well, we n
ow have a
whole new lineup of artists that I guarantee will dish out some very
nice stuff in packs to come. And speaking of packs, it seems that
some people are still just a tad bit unclear on our release schedule.
Since Im such a nice guy Ill explain it to all of you once more.
We release on the 15th of every month, NOT THE FIRST!!! Why you ask?
Well simply reason that when all of the other groups release their
goods on the first, youll have a fresh new pack of ansi art to look
at in the middle of the month. We do not plan on changing that so
please make a note to remember that. I guess some people actually
thought we died or something stupid like that. Come on people if ETE
died I think you would all know.
Next issue. Well, we have a new policy regarding sites. All of
our distribution sites are now going to be hand picked by the ETE
staff, and only art based boards will be considered. Id like to
apologize to everyone that gets dropped or turned down. We simply
do not have the couriers to transfer our packs to all of you on
time. I mean if you are a site you should get the pack pretty close
to the day it came out. It would be kind of pointless to say you are
one if you dont even get the pack. Also, we are not looking for any
kind of headquarters at all. So stop asking. All we need is our WHQ
and thats it.
As far as art goes we are still sticking with ansi and only ansi.
Which means if you do mods, vga, lit, etc., dont bother applying to
ETERNiTY because we really have no place for you. With all the new
ongoing success that ETERNiTY has had, we feel that it is time to get
a new attitude regarding the quality of art that ETERNiTY produces.
Basicly we are bringing up our standards as far as what makes it in
the pack and who gets in. Were not concerned about our size. I think
we already proved that it doesnt take a member list of 30+ to put ou
a cool pack. So what does all this rambling mean? It means that ETE i
going to be kicking ass in packs ahead.
Oh well, damn, do I ramble. Uhh, oh yea, merry christmas!
Maestro El Presidente De ETERNiTY
Mazter, Flat Line, and All The ETERNiTY Studs: Thanks..