This ansi was schwantzed by Ghost Walks Insid
e of Escape on 11-29-94
Greets to Jazz, Tooncinator, Ravaged Soul, DMitri, Rezno
r and Assaylant
Donald says to Daisy bout her wardrobe:
Rip dat shit off...
Donald Duck pic s
wiped and mutated from Uncle Scrooge 218 Comi
c Cover
Holy Macaronis... this font blows big spa
Ok, now we all know Gwi cant do ansi. Are you
Eerie: Feel free to use your own font instead of
Just lemm
e know okie?
The Sarcastic Toaster Shyshoparoni: Eerie Relic
Faw Une Ate Ate Faw Nin Ooh Une Doo Une
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