logos by juice
logos by juice
my first epic colly
use it as a weapon,.
j u !
, monochrome ansi stylin , - WH04, 7H47 W45 L4M3 JU1C3, Y0U 4R3 7H3 W3R57
4N51 DR4W3R 1V3 3V3R S33N.. U P4TH371C L053R.,
.,act like ya know,. ju
e t 7 c s r
sector7,. o sextor vii ownz jEw!
monochrome logo for grymmjacks sector 7
can you see anything
in this top back-gro
juice und?
s o
promo for my former group sodapop
e x p l o d e! . . . . . .
exploding kittens 01 put together by sarcasm
i should get extra points for drawing for drawing
for a mag called exploding kittens, heh :.
h 4 ju juice is god arizona is hot this is original hellium oWnz!@ you get the idea lalal.. .
this is my first pic! it is for maytags hellium. gimme feedback!
ju lightbars? o lightbars? c lightbars? l
r o or just menu
S P A C E color tv +o mr.wrong 012:45 :
menu for mr. wrongs color tv, i suck :
its not much but its all there. 6 new ansis the headers new : im happy to