the wyvern by anvilhead
the wyvern by anvilhead
In the shadows of the night, a warrior
wandered around a castle, seeking for
answers to his quest. He walked up the
cold stairs in the eastern tower of the
castle. A cold wind blowed into his
hair as he stepped up to the huge
balcony. He slowly turned his head
around, glanced into every corner.
At the middle of the balcony, there
was a shiny pedestal made of stone.
As he walked towards it, an unbearable
high-toned scream forced him to
raise his hands over his ears.
Then, from the dark depths of space,
appeared an ancient creature,
a large, purple wyvern. The wyvern
continuously screamed out and
spit poisonous blue liquid on to the
balcony. Its long, sharp tongue
wriggled in the air as it floated
around, flapping its enormous
purple wings.
The warrior panicked and threw
a strong, sharp spear towards the
creature. Faster than a lightning,
the vywern dodged the spear,
charged to the warrior, sticking
four of its sharp horns to his
chest, while spitting huge amounts
of acidic liquid all over the vulnerable
man, melting out his gentle skin and
crushing his fragile bones to pieces.
The wyvern disappeared to the sky
full of stars, leaving the corpse of
the warrior rot on the balcony.
All was silent, as evenfall
filled the land.
The night closed its eyes in shame,
it alone knowing the story of
a once mighty warrior ...
idea from Shadowgate NES