ionoSphere by Reflexion
ionoSphere by Reflexion
reflexion re-flekshun, n. 1. reflection.
0uch! 2. in anatomy, etc., a bending or folding back on
itself, as of a part. 3. an artist in the well
known art group, emerge.
hey all you art freaks. if you want an ansee i like
jibberishs spelling: for FREE you can just call my
board, ionosphere at 9167229457. or you could write
me on lotu. i will accept money sent to my po box, but
i do not require it, although i may not do everyones
requests although I havent missed one yet!:
w w00p!that
w00p!that theresa hill!
... lotsa kickass ansi for your ... over 150 renegade utilities
visual enjoyment ... dreadnet916 tapnet
... emerge member board ... your affil here
... 540 megs disk space ... s: reflexion cs: dark avenger
--- here are a buncha cool comments here -------------------------------------dark avenger: w00p! :P
any group prezs: givit a call! I need some affills:
replay: whatcha think?
everyone who doesnt like w00p!: w00p! :P
everyone who does like w00p!: w00p! :
quality control: maybe this will pass since I have a buncha w00ps and I got
all those cool clouds and backrounds and stuff
anyone who draws hella good pics: hahaha.. maybe I could do a font with it.
hahaha.. inside emerge joke, if you dont know it pick up my utopia ansi, then
read the comment on me in the emerge02 pack :P