if for any reason you would like an ansi
by myself, youd have to send me mail on my
bbs, us backwater inbreds dont have i-net!!
hehe .... anyways, tir aslean 916.529.5054
apply and leave me mail there, call back in
a couple days and lemme know what you want n
da ansi..i hate requests in newuser appys
keep in mind I mostly do fonts, this is the
3rd pic Ive ever done...eg emerge.firm
... the pic and the font are original as far as I know! ...
greets ck howsdat? guardian you think I was suckin up then!!
... damn this board has a *long*-ass name! wouldnt fit! ...
e v i l i n t e n t i o n s
4 0 8 x x x - x x x x
siz-0p betrayer shiver!
Shiver World Heardquarters!
what other reason should you need to call