ascii logo stack by strife
ascii logo stack by strife
PiPELiNE C PS 1994 Message Grabber
: st!eg
o n t h r o u g h :
--- eof --------------------------------------------------------------------
break on through. this is my quick little ascii for break on through. i think
its a nice font. well, i havent been doing ascii for too long, soo. if you
dont like it, you can suck my fucking dick. here it is perfous. eat it up.
l l l. .
+--l.---------- .l ------------+
: .emergeeasthq.firmpipelinehq.gripushq.aicsouthhq.nimbussouthhq.fusedwlhq.
- - ----------------------+:+-------- -- - - . - - --st!emerge---+
chains of destruction affiliations 305 341 7419
strife emerge/firm/pds schizosynth acid the master emerge
-- eof. cut here. ------------------------------------
ummm. not much to say. this is the second font ive made for my board.
i guess the only reason i made three fonts is cuz no one else will draw
me one, or request one. sooo.. here it is. eat it up.
-- strife/emerge ------------------------------------
aic.firm.fuse. d.nimbus.grip.
.fear.eden.vo// . ltage.dos.jaz
. chains of destruction . fuck 0-3 . we got 0:3 baking soda:cocaine .