fonts compilation by saint sinner
fonts compilation by saint sinner
invisi-m33ps to joe borys karate instructer,vil
ls sleeping disorder, eds
mom and dad, the guy who invented egg salad
god bless you, the entire state
of maine, trent reznor, sheep, babs my rabbit
, and my dog casey you stink
i have become...comfortabl
y numb...
pink floyd!
yeesh...yet another font column by
that sce
ne god saint sinner...
contact me on erebus or sbz for an
ld! ep! ot! b0! vi! lm! ws!
ss jz! mf! sl!
nz! 33! tm! two!
/ - w00, asciiweed.
god is dead, and no one cares...if there is a hell, ill see yo
u there...
tvx is cool. vx is a fool. vx humps wool.
vx likes school. vx tends to drool. g
- -----------------. .saintsinner
:the crow
:soundtrack:. .:
.roqs... ----+-
.the artist .-----------..----
:formerly .-+----.
:known as
prince has
no penis. :
----+ ss!emerge
+----------------- op.saint.sinner..emerg
e.milky.way.hq -----------------+
.site :
.! .
that sbz ascii that pmk did inspired this one...somehow.
erebus! sb
z-house of the rising sun.
op.euphoriaerebus-land of
the bleeding buns.
dont ask
hey euphie, you run a kick ass board bro...
cept its got too much cyan
stain is a fucking
eryone should black-
pathetic piece
list his ass. hes i
nof shit ripper.
united right now...
he ripped off a
hey, evil ernie and
blurr ansi, and
the res
t of united
when everyone
are pretty cool eve
nfound out, he
stains butt
tried to lie and
buddy, they sh
say that he just
throw his lame ass
looked at blurrs
out. he k
new he
ansi alot and
was caught ripping,
memorized the
he changed his handl
eblock patterns.
from ballistik to
is that dumb or what?
stain...what a
all he did was ss!
k. and his real
recolor it and add some
ansi skills suck
fucked up shading. monkey shlong...
okay, im done.
yeah, apathys dead, who gives a fuck? i liked the font
rry mf...
-istanbul was constantinople now its istanbul no
t constantinople been a long tim
egone, constantinople, now its a turks delight, on a mo
onlit night, every gal in
constantinople lives in
istanbul not constantinople
so if youve got a date
in cons
tantinople shel
be waitinginistanbul, even old
new yorkss
was once new amsterdam,
why they changed it i cant say, people just liked it better th
at way...-tmbg
quickie i did while i was in void...
-----negativeland ascii!-------------------
n e g . a
l a n d
negativeland! this ascii sucks so bad..
op.saintsinner i hate it, why am i
g cumingsoon! it?? who cares. i
m stoned.
-blah...why did i put those little 9s everywhe
i actually
like this fon
for some
reason. oh well.
n e g a t i v
e l a n d
c o m . i n g . s o o n
yeah, i released this font before, but whoever stuck it
on that kinght*time pic
really butchered the colors, so here it is,
au natural...
-.eof. .eof
.btw, theres hidden text all over this go l
ook at it biznatch