Info file for Everglo #2 by samurai,dfuse,shaft
Info file for Everglo #2 by samurai,dfuse,shaft
hello and welcome to the second release of everglo im
sure a lot of you thought that wed never last for more than
one pack. well, you were dead wrong. were gonna be here
forEVER :P anyways, its been an interesting month w/ some
gains and losses on the member roster but ill keep it brief
because i know youre dying to see the ansi.. last month,
our swedish comrade gloone coded a beautiful appgen at a
minutes notice. bottom line? APPLY. it has pretty music
too. much love to ya bro. on a sadder note, up and coming
pic artist lint decided to quit everglo and move on. good
luck amigo. to compensate for his loss, we bring in our good
friend nosegos of fire fame. his toon style is second to
none. lessee... ehh. ou yeah, before i forget, id like to
say thank you to noize for guesting in this pack. its much
appreciated. umm... i guess thats it but i think dfuse has
some stuff to say. hes tugging at my pant leg :
Okey, another summer has almoast come to an end and i cant
help feeling a bit sad.
But what the hell, i still got ansee right?! : I kinda feel
like escaping reality wheni dive into aciddraw.
A typical day may look sumthing like this:
I unplug the phone, turn off all the lights and lock the door
behind me.
After a few hours of drawing i often get brutaly interupted
by someone who has the nerve to call himself a father, pounding
like a madman on my door.
He swear repeatedly and all the words that i can recognize are
food, sleep and school, like i care, IM BUSY, I HAVE A
When i try explaining why i lock myself in my room all day and
show him sum samples of my work he just shrugs his shoulder
and leaves me quietly. Oh well, i guess i cant please
everyone :
Next day another one of these strange, brown, thick envelopes
filled with cash gets delivered to our house.
They are all adressed to this dfuse-guy and i really dont
blame my parents for thinking im involved with some
suspicious mob-business g.
signing off, dfuse.
What can i say? Samurai and Dfuse really said it all :. i would
like to say thank you to every Everglo member for producing some
pretty impressive stuff this month.
Everglo has really turned out
better than anyone expected. So i would also like to say thank you
to the members once again, for joining when Everglo was nothing.
ok, i wont hold you much longer, so heres the greets:
Vade79, Seraphim, Noize, Grimlock, Corinthian, The Knight, watOr
DECreator, Absent Spinsister, and everyone else who has had a
positive attitude towards Everglo
Yours, Shaft
well, thanks for reading. and enjoy the ansis. before *I*
sign off id like to say hello to all the groups and artists
out there. dont stop drawing guys. it only gets better.
until next month, TOODLES.