Dazed and Confused by Dalamar
Dazed and Confused by Dalamar
DaZeD AnD ConFuSeD...
9o8.528.54o9 . 28.
8 Zoom...
Art Orientated . No LD Ratios .
No NUP . No Bullshit...
Sysop: TechnoPhreaKBlade ss.Cor.
BL/DE SENiOR BOARD . Corruption Member
Board . Blur Member Board...
Integrity Site . Breed Site .
CuRS Site . CyberCon Site . Poison Site
Pic Site . Natas Site . AAA Si
te . ViG Site . Atomic Site .
Blunt Site...
Soon to have SpeedNET, and many other qua
lity NETS...
Artists with any quality affil will be auto validate
Ansi done totally by Dalamar of Eden Entertainment. Total Ch
anrge is 10.00 U.S