failure by Village Idiot
failure by Village Idiot
If you like this ansi and want
your own, I may be persuaded
with card numbers . Otherwise,
sorry, Im lazy. You can con-
tact me at OV at 609-767-6462
or call our WHQ, or voice me at
609-435-0383, names Chris.
pHuNk modeo
n Word, yo, hey to m
y ies ghetto-blastin in eden
. But just remember that all the big group
s are PHAT and ST00PiD. Word to your mother. Peas
. pHuNk modeof
f Hey, I didnt want to be the only white kid not doing some phunk
deal in his ansi, or else i would seem like one of those kids whose
mom comes into class in sixth grade telling him he forgot to wear
clean underwear and hes all embarrassed because his moms crazy.
So, what you think of the ansi? I was going to make it 400 lines but decided to
work on the other parts of it as other ansis plus remember im a lazy fuck.
Its a cold-ass fashion, when she stole my passion, its a neverlasting, itsa
ghetto-blastin, on the wonder-wheel, i got my thunderpeel i got taken by
surprise with a plate of flaming noodles.
Hey to everyone in Eden, and everyone who will join Eden soon, Special Ed,
Dalamar, The Temperate Hijacker, Crisis, Leper Messiah, Zack de la Rocha, Shrou
dAlter Ego, Jabberwocky, STEALTHBOY, P-Chan great art, Beck, Saint Sinner,
Quran, Trojan Man, Feyd-Rautha, Haph Blok, The Dark Prophet, Primal Fear,
Audio-V, Microft, Megadeth, Shadowlaw, Soul Assassin, Eight Ball, ShadowSorcero
I dont think its funny, when you shaved both of my arms.
Plastic Donut, can of Spam, theres no kindness in this land, you better not le
tmy good girl catch you here, shes getting all juiced up with a bottle of plain
light beer.
Hey to these groups: Justice, Dark, Union, and any other small group out there.
-sysops: village idiot
-cos: shroud
- primal fear
-eden member board
-666 megs of pure ansi
-running pipelinebeta
-configured like none othe
r -everyone gets on
-no warez truly
-no bible verses as automs
g -no capital letters
-beck is rad
-your mother is sexy whq
-send me money ehq
-atheist sysop ushq
-magic-playing-sysops njhq
-freds a loser whq
-i hate paying for ld
calling member board
-ansi making loser listen
g to beck whq
-cheerios hat wearing syso
p north american hq
-i hate my grandma member
-damn im bored whq
-radman is a pedophile ush
q -i work at the mall njhq
-my sisters annoying whq
-i havent bathed or change
d my clothes in 3 days nhq
-node1- 609-435-0383
-node2- 609-783-3248
ansi by : village idioteden
for more information on eden, call syndication-x at 609-467-3573.nuplamers suc