The Option-Dude by Commissaris Plons
The Option-Dude by Commissaris Plons
HOLY SHIT!!!! Ecolove is over!!!!!! snif..snif...
The first pack in the year 2000 is the last Ecolove-Pack......
Ive been drawing ansis for Ecolove for about 8 or 9 packs,
and I aLways enjoyed doing it, but all good things must come 2
an end...As a wise man once said... And I think Ecolove was a
pretty good thing, nOt only for the Dutch Ansi-scene, but also
for the world wide art-scene. I would honestly like to thank
all the ex Ecolove members especially PresideNt for pas-
sing me all the wisdom I needed to draw this shit , And of
course all the people who supported uS and watched our packs,
year in year out.....
Plons sez ....BI snif...snif...