infofile pack 13 by the avenger
infofile pack 13 by the avenger
ec o l o v e
its in our nature blood... .
ecolove issue 13!
yes sir! 3 days after the dutch sceneparty called ambience, this pack is
released .. therefore youll see some ansis which competed in the ansi
compo of that party. the compo was won by our own ex0cet, with a very
nice picture of his mother .. : it wasnt a big surprise that an ecl
member won that compo, cauz 80 of the entries were of ecolove members .
the only other competitor was kyp of black maiden, who ended up second,
so basicly when you check out this pack and youve taken a look at kyps
entry, youve seen the entire compo.. hmmm, somehow this doesnt make
that compo sound cool, whys that?!
this month is cleaners last month in ecolove
he decided to quit ansi, and since he is
already releasing his asciis in another
group of which i forgot the name sorry
he decided to quit ecolove. ofcourse
we thank him for the time hes
been in ecolove, and wish him
all the best with his own group enough sad news for now, lets
continue with some happy stuff ..
sordid joined us on a trial base, you
can see for yourself what you think of
his stuff somewhere in this pack. we had
never heard of sordid before, and that
could be explained by the fact that he vldecl
didnt have an internetconnection until
what else is worth telling you at this moment? well, our homepage is
still under construction. the design and everything is sortof finished,
now all it needs is some text and itll be online. so you can expect
that in the near future.
well, this was all i had to tell for now, so go on... check out the pack
signing off,
the avenger