infofile 12 by the staff
infofile 12 by the staff
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- ecolove pack 12! *lb. .d. l l :l
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hey there folks, glad you could tune in for .db. ,d
another issue of the ecolove artpacks! . uhh **
let me say right away: ive got too much more to do to make this Vld
a huge infofile, so ill just get right to the point.
whats happened lately? well, our little group has changed quite a bit since
last pack. were very sorry to anounce that inclusive and prosthesis have both
left ecolove. they were both too busy with other groups, and therefore they
decided to leave our group. we want to thank both of them for there presence in
the packs in which they contributed, and we wish them all the best in the rest
of their drawing career.
somebody else that left us is solid snake. this talented fellow decided to quit
ansi for now, cauz he decided playing games is cooler then drawing. we hope thathe will someday want to return, and when he does, ofcourse hes more then
also exocet doesnt feel like drawing that much anymore, and therefore decided
to take a brake for now. im pretty sure he will return though, cauz hes just
too damned good to stop.
the day before this pack was released we got an apply from sordid, i hardly knowwho he is, but the stuff he showed us made us decide to accept him on a trial
base. i couldnt reach him in time to ask him if he had anything to contribute
to this pack, so you will see stuff of him in a next pack.
it may seem that weve lost too many members to even produce another pack, but
i believe we can still release nice packs with what weve got at the moment.
ofcourse we could use all the help available, so if you feel like joining
or guesting in one of our packs, drop me a mail at, or
come to our ircnetchannel ecolove.
okay, what else needs to be said? ofcourse: wed like to thank savagecowcia forthe nice words he said in his infofile of the new ciapack which rocked by the
way and we wanna thank all of you for leeching this pack, and reading my crap.
well, i guess this is all i had to say for now, i hope i didnt forget too much,but my head is not really at writing this pack right now.
the avenger signing off.
p.s. raymond van barneveld just won the worldchampionships darts again, aint
that cool for a dutch mailman?