case of the missing cheeze by toons xilion
case of the missing cheeze by toons xilion
ECLIPSE 12 as the pack time wineds the search for our cheeze down, so does the hope for the caputure of cheeze ..
march 14, 1997 . 18:00 hours.
Hello, this is Private Eye Toons. Let me debreef you here. Cheeze is
missing, the pack is screwed, and GODDAM iT HAJI.. WHAT IS THAT SMELL!* We
have exactly 24 hours to solve the crime behind cheezes dissaperiance. If you
have any information leading to the whereabouts of his dissaperiance, i urge youcall 1 888 cz97ecl. Due to lack of
space we have had to transform the apar-
tment into our head quarters. Splatt is ECL
pissed now, he cant jam to his Best PI -
of the Mexican Sounds . Yes, it is a
sad for all, after the leaving of
Magnatop , Rai , Hos, and Widowmaker
the eclipse apartment just isnt
the same.. but the dissaperance of o
ur fellow pal is not helping. The many
smells comming from hajis room has kept - + as you can see, the eclipse
me on track, but i dont know HOW much apartment has been turned into a
longer i can take that!@ Us here at detective office .. 03 / 01
Eclipse PI only have few clues to go on,
here ill show you what we have.
1 here we have a 2 Some matches from a
button that has bar called the pit ,
the inscription just some childish fighting
we own you arena owned by a. donut.
written on it.
PIT !@
After much awe, watching lagomorph dance naked for us, i must now get down and
Now that we have our information,
i will go into our crime computer owned by our hax0r of toasters, torgo.
suspects I can enter in the usual suspects,
1 radman and then begin to investigate. As i
2 the guardian Walk down the strage alley way, behind
3 ewheat the eclipse apartment, i see pariah,
? our ascii doodle artist, sleeping with
the cats,, shh... be quite, we DONT
want to wake him when he is with his
pussies.. .
a sd march 14, 1997 . 23:59 hours.
f jkl
enter Damn i am tired, after visiting the
Acid HQ, i have found nothing but some
old wips, chains, and gimp.. hmm i
wonder what methodical planning Radman has been up to?!? My nexy stop is overto The Pit self owned by Armageddon Donut and Chalk As i enter this
smokey bar, i find that i can easily drown my worries in the nice brew that my
freind the donut can offer me.
03 / 15
tonight.. .
a. donut vs. CHALK the FAT
3 this is a picture taken of me downing my Doodle
Light.. hoping that my little buddy will once again redeam
himself, AND FART!@ maybe that way, we can trace his scent shrug ...
im getting sle eee a pp yy *BAM* .. . ow! my head,,
editors note : at this point our detective has been hit over the head,
gawd knows what happened to him
The eclipse apartment
a dQUEEN Dairy Queen : Armagddon Donuts
i work
Place where toons xilion in being held.
t The Pit K e y !!
here is a map of the place where all us
- - eclipse people live, i thought it might help you understand
the plot more..
march 15, 1997 . 13:04 hours.
.. after much dreaming and pain, i awake. GODDAM MUTHER F!Hmm,
this is wierd, look, CHEEZE!@!!!!@*!@*@!*!@*!@*
!@!*!!*!? sorry about that, it wont happen again where have
been you mexican frog
cheeze they have held me captive down here, and made me draw for
are you ok? damn, you poor mexican. Can you still doodle toon, after your long
explication? Who was the one that did this?@?
Cheeze it .. was.. RADMAN!
hUUAHH i knew it was him, i could smell his bad ansi taste from here, he was
gelous of eclipse i knew it! After getting back to the eclipse apartment, cheezewent right in for lagomorphs chilly special.. m muahahha The reaction from
most of the eclipse members were as follows.
yElp me.. !@!@!@!@!*@*!@*!@**!@!@ im cheeze.. !@*!@*!@!@!@!@!@ whine whine !@*!@*!@!@ so what, i lied / The only person not happy with this whole
shpleal is tarot, who is lactose intolerant
, who woooda known?
march 15, 1997 . 18:33 hours.
Now that things are all goo here at the
eclipse apartment, peace, sanity, and food
after the long time in has been retored to our grasp. Ah yes, the
captivity, cheeze just Mexican Hunt for cheeze was fun, but not
- - didnt look like his somthing i want to do again, now i can get
old self... an airfreshiner for Haji, and get some
sleep, because god knows i need it...
TO DIE!*.. ugg,, looks like it is going to be another typical night here
at the eclipse apartment, maybe ill have better luck outside with the cats..
no wait, then where would pariah sleep,, oh well ... goodnight, and enjoy
ECLIPSE 12 ....
this is Toons Xilion PI signing off... .
-- the end !
.. this infofile was made possible by Sir Death, and Spears lazyness
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