WISH by magnatop
WISH by magnatop
Like .. this is neet. Uh.. this is my uh.. info uh
file thinger for you guys to read.. and uh.. Im uh
/ just gonna babble on.. so, you probably should take
the time to see just how stupid and witless I sorta
am .. or something.. and stuff.
I yam
a green
------- Silent with Envy --- Things I wish for ...
1 I wish that I could spell.
2 I wish that I didnt have to go to school, yet could read latin.
3 I wish rage against the machine would preform in my small bedroom.
4 I wish farmers had better tans.
5 I wish for more wishes. never say this, youll die
6 I wish the scene wasnt full of perverts.
7 I wish cheeze lived across the street.. which is railroad tracks..
8 I wish my computer ran at 230990532 mhz.
9 I wish for funnier wishes.
10 I wish I could grow a human ear on the back of a rat.
11 I wish it would rain skittles and that my granddaughter and I would harvest
them into little baskets.
12 I wish I had mac-tonight sun glasses still.
13 I wish I was a turtle.. with a big mutant shell and a ultimate warrior
head band to compliment the reflecting colors of my eyes.
14 I wish NOFX would come out with a new album RIGHT NOW.
15 I wish I could think of better things to wish for.
16 I wish that you will laugh at some of these when you read them.
17 I wish rai lived on a street that wasnt chronologically before another and not adjacent to it perpendicularily angled to that thing.. yeah.. that.
18 I wish I could go to school 3rd shift style.
19 I wish I didnt waste 65 minutes making an ansi for MY board.
20 I wish I could do pics of naked women with bewbies and stuff so I could
wonder if little perverted 13 year old kids out there that look at ansi
are beating the monkey to what I drew cause theyre too stupid to just
go to web pages with free porn.. and I also wish that iCE would start
making more naked women ansis so I can beat my monkey to them and
the artists can wonder if Im ok, in the head.. huh huh .. head.
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